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data management tool DataSlave enables database administrators to import, export, convert and validate data from various data sources. It supports ODBC, OLE DB, MS SQL Server, as well as text files, MS Access databases and Excel files. DataSlave uses a unique approach that is based on dragging data elements and validation actions onto a map to visualize the intended actions. It includes more than 80 checks for data validation like postal codes, telephone numbers, US SSN, ISBN numbers and many others, and you can further extend the capabilities with VBScript and Regular Expressions. We found it to be rather difficult to get used to the drag and drop data map design, however a step-by-step tutorial can help you get familiar with the concepts. Overall, a quite powerful and flexible data management tool, but you definitely need to read the documentation and tutorials to get started. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Some features disabled.

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Publisher Baycastle Software Ltd Price $249.00
Version 2.2.6  history Last updated May 18, 2012
File Size 9.74 Mb Requirements .NET Framework 3

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