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quickly find files or folders on your computer MasterSeeker is a file search tool that searches through all your hard drives and returns instant results for any files (or folders) that match your search keyword. When you first run the software it will perform a quick scan of all your hard drives and cache the file information to make it instantly accessible for your searches. You can simply enter a keyword and see matches as-you-type or you can narrow the results by using Regular Expressions and file size filters. The result list can also be sorted by file date, file size and folder location. Compared to the popular Everything Search, MasterSeeker offers the advantage of file size filtering and faster column sorting, however it does not support real-time cache updates and drive exclusions, which means that you will need to rescan your entire system in order to find files that have been added or changed since the last scan. Copyright

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Publisher DxCK Price Free
Version 1.5.1  history Last updated Dec 08, 2014
File Size 561 Kb Requirements None

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Blazing fast! 5 stars by soapintrucker108 Dec 30, 2013 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Just now downloaded on a Dell USFF Core2 Duo machine with 4GB RAM, that just happens to have 2 external hard drives hooked up via USB2, and a 16GB USB3 Flash drive, and of course the internal C: drive. Within 10-12 seconds the software read ALL 4 storage devices, and was ready for me to search! I am VERY impressed overall, but can't wait to see a bit better features and look update! :) show Review details
Now, as I too use this... 5 stars by herrmeier90 Oct 15, 2013
Programm, I do understand what the other reviewers did mean, when they where writing ..... amazing .... top programm ... superfast. show Review details
A great program 5 stars by Janakee Sep 27, 2013
MasterSeeker is a good, fast file and folder search tool. It works well and has some nice features. Firstly, it can be used as a portable search tool on a pen drive. If you use the program on your PC as regular tool you have the option to enable a tray icon for quick and repeated access. A second great feature is the ability to do file and directory size searches. This size search capability really shines when working with directories. You can easily see which of your directories are greater than 10 GB in size by using >10gb as the search term. to find files or directories that are approximately 1 GB in size use the following 1gb. Nice feature. Very quick, simple and handy. Third great feature is the directory search ability. You can type the word movie and all the files in any directory that has the word movie as part of the directory title appear. You can then tweak the search further by adding file size filter criteria or typing something like .vob in the filename area. Lastly, the building of the cache is much faster than Everything and column sorting is way faster than even the latest beta version. A great program - highly recommended show Review details
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