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track your running workouts Runner`s Studio is a logging software for runners and joggers. It allows you to keep detailed track of all your running workouts, set goals, view statistical charts, share workout stats by email and even track the mileage on each pair of your running shoes. The comfortable and easy to use interface provides an overview of your recent runs, as well as options to set goals, plan weekly workouts, schedule race dates and more. You can input detailed information for each of your runs, including distance, temperature, course, heart rate, body weight, shoes and other details. In addition, you can maintain a personal journal and even set "mega goals" that allow you to simulate several cross-country runs. Other features include printable reports, advanced GPS import with integrated Open Streets maps, detailed charting, equipment manager, and more. Copyright

Trial Limitations: 30 day trial. Fully functional.

Runner`s Studio is currently not available.

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