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Seems like bugs have been fixed... 4 stars by stickler Aug 31, 2010 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I don't know about the previous reviewer's issues but it worked fine for me. Set the project properties to URLFilter->Folder->Follow Any Folder if you're having trouble downloading site data. It appears that it will not load from the root folder unless this is checked. Worked great. Now I can view the pages when I'm not connected. Thanks to the author/developer! show Review details
A fast, easy application 4 stars by scorpio Feb 04, 2008
A really easy to use site downloader works like download express only advantage being ease installation even on library computers. Enjoy the application show Review details
Simply doesn't do the job 2 stars by danger Aug 25, 2007 (Read all my 5 reviews)
My problem was that BSB didn't fetch things the way it should. I tried clicking, looking, reading, begging but neither helped. BSB can download files but links will still open from the original server. NO, it's not that I haven't configured it properly. Believe me I did my best. The annoying fact is that it's probably a 2-chars bug that keeps BSB from working, I don't know... I wouldn't say bad things about the author, I see he is a thinking human but this time he just couldn't make it. show Review details
Backstreet browser is crap!!!! run! 1 stars by Bob9000 Aug 19, 2005
The 3.0 version doesn't work at all with 2.n saved data. The 3.0 application is missing many of the good features of the 2.n version. Although, the 3.0 version does fix a lot of the lame bugs in the 2.n version. Run away! Author is non-responsive. I paid for a license and I've created a lot of 2.n data that is useless to me now. Bad stuff! Hate it to death! show Review details
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