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Very good 4 stars by gimpguy Oct 03, 2011 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
The good features of this program are the ability to work with vector as well as standard. It doesn't seem to use a lot of memory for what it does and is very stable. There are plenty of sub options per filter, tool, or whatever else you use. It also has the ability to help you create calendars and buttons and more automatically (albeit not extremely fancy)but that's where the user learns to work with it. I did like the wrap text around a border and other warp text abilities it has. I can't say I like the interface, it's scattered and clunky, could be better organized. It would definitely take a user some time to learn to use unless you've worked with other graphic programs in the past, you can feel your way around much easier then. I couldn't in any way say PL is close to the power of PS. It may be a very nice graphic program but no,it's not in the PS bracket. Certain aspects are equal perhaps but only some. It's not as powerful as Gimp either but holds a major feature over it,vector ability.But you could use would use inkscape for such. I would say much less learning curve too but Gimp is free, this isn't. This does have a lot of capability, very cool features and is extremely powerful in it's own right. For those who can't afford PS or don't want to use Gimp, "this seems the in-between" for advanced users or novices learning, this is worth the price. Could definitely be a replacement for more pricey graphics editors depending on need, would say worth the money. show Review details
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