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Ipod touch music made easy!! 5 stars by epfoldes993 Aug 06, 2014
Never having owned an Apple product before (always a PC user, & don't care for those little handheld i-gizmos that everyone's walking around with nowadays)..I bought a used iPod Touch to use as an MP3 player to play backing tracks at gigs. To my shock, I found that you can't just copy and paste music from PC to iPod: No, you need to shoot a fly with an elephant gun, & manage everything via iTunes, which I've never needed or used. I think Apple configured this so that you buy music apps through their online store, so they get even richer than they are now. NOT! After hunting everywhere for a simpler solution, I finally happened across Copytrans Manager. First, there's a utility to download some iTunes drivers that it needs (not iTunes itself, just the drivers), which takes 1 minute, and then it only took me a few minutes to understand/master the Copytrans interface. Very intuitive. 3 steps: (1) Click "Add", (2) Select the music from your hard drive, (3) click "update". BANG! The songs are on your iPod! Only 1 labor-intensive part: I need my tunes grouped into sets (for the gigs), so I had to go in and update the "album" field on each track with that song's set number, so after loading all the tunes, all I do is click on "albums", & all my sets pop up in numerical order! Click on a set & there are the tunes. Very cool. This program is easy to understand & use, runs fast, keeps things "synced" like iTunes does, & it's FREE!! Thank you, Copytrans! You had the silver bullet! show Review details
Edit playlists 5 stars by mr.303454 Jul 25, 2013
I was looking for a simple tool to create and edit playlists on my Ipod Nano 6G. and this does exactly that nicely. For transferring files, I am using mediamonkey which doesn't let me do anythong with playlists. show Review details
Great 4 stars by filesfan Mar 07, 2013 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I have no iTunes installed at all. It works great. It's all I use to add and delete music on my iPod nano. show Review details
Needs iTunes 1 stars by Klatuu Dec 13, 2012 (Read all my 29 reviews)
The company web site now claims to offer a driver you can install so there's no need to install iTunes, but after several tries I could not get it to install. So the bottom line here is you need iTunes after all, which is pretty horrible, and I didn't find this software to be much better. Not their fault, I think Apple needs to provide a better interface that acts like a simple file manager where you can create folders, drag and drop, etc. The best thing I found so far is to install iTunes, and then use Windows File Manager. Still not the best, but it's a start. show Review details
Far better 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 04, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I will definitely choose this over Itunes any day. I just found another Ipod manager, this is...better than that one. It's fast, easy to use, converts music automatically for the ipod nano, which I'm using currently so .mp3 straight up won't work unless it creates that special little file to play them,this does. The interface is awesome, straight forward, anyone can use it. The only issue I will state is that you MUST, I repeat MUST wait until it says it's OK to plug in the Ipod. No, it won't explode or take over your mind but the EJECT will NOT work from the program unless you do this. In other words, don't connect the Ipod until it states to which only takes a second or two, no waiting time really. You can make virtual changes and then choose to apply them after which is great if you made a mistake during your tinkering. So unlike Itunes, it's light, no extra bloat, won't duplicate and mess up every song in your library or folder and just plain old works. Wish my Ipod touch was working, when I fix it, will be anxious to see how this works with it. show Review details
Quick and easy 5 stars by Zebulj Dec 19, 2010 (Read all my 5 reviews)
User friendly, quick to learn and effective. Faster and easier than iTunes. show Review details
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