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Poor execution, poor support 1 stars by raymond820 Mar 31, 2017
I thought this app would be a great little addition to my business. Send reminders to my clients, look professional, save me time, etc. Unfortunately, I've had to setup my reminders five times in eight months since every time my reminders come due, I get a notice telling me that this reminder no longer exists and asks me if I'd like to delete it. If I say NO, it continually loops back and asks me to delete it again-and-again until I have no choice but to delete it and start over with the setup again. What's worse, after going to the painstaking effort of setting these up again, after doing the latest update to the software, the last auto email reminder went to my client 40 times. When I complained to Tech Suppt about it, I guess they didn't like my negative review of their software because they didn't acknowledge my request for help. This app has wasted a good 15 hours of my time, minimum, and even though I have the latest updates, it still does not work properly. I never used it for auto follow-up, just to send reminders to my customers at various intervals. This software was a big waste of time for me and an exercise in frustration. I do not recommend this software. show Review details
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