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Passwords Max Passwords Max

Welcome to 1987 1 stars
I would never pay for a program with an interface this awful. Price: Free Trial ($25.00)
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Unlocker Unlocker

Only unlocks files 3 stars
Does not unlock folders. If you have a 2 level set of folders /test/test/file.txt and file.txt is locked, and you try to delete the top level folder 'test', you can't, it says it is locked. Obviously (or so it should seem) you try to unlock the folder and it doesn't work. You still can't delete. Confusing. Price: Free
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Budget Budget

Windows vista era 2 stars
I would not recommend software this visually unappealing. It works 'ok' but the appearance detracts from the usage so much it is not worth it. This is the OSX/Windows Vista era.. people expect better. Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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TSW WebCoder TSW WebCoder

Best app htm app, don't compare to frontpage! 5 stars
I've been professionally developing websites for about 8.5 years now. I can honestly say I've sampled 99% of HTML Editors available. NONE of them compare to Webcoder. The program rocks. It is fully customizable so when people say they have a problem with it, usually it is because they haven't fixed it themselves! One reviewer mentioned that Frontpage or Dreamweaver would be better. I'd have to say that is ONLY true if you don't care what your code looks like, if you don't care if your code is clean and cross browser compatible, and if you prefer an interface that treats you like a simpleton :) Webcoder is definitely for people that actually prefer to get into the code (although it does have the usual WYSIWYG component similar to Frontpage). The best part of Webcoder is that if you DO actually find a bug, you can get in touch with the developer personally and rest assured the bug will be fixed amazingly fast. What more could you ask for? Price: Free Trial ($59.99)
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First Page 2006 First Page 2006

Not all it's cracked up to be! 2 stars
I used to swear by First Page (earlier version). This version does not live up. It has been almost 7 years since an upgrade and its feature set is not adequate. Not only that, but what happens when there's a bug? Do we have to wait another 7 years to get it fixed? No thanks but I'll wait until a developer comes along that updates his/her program adequately, which this one does NOT. Price: Free
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Active WebCam Active WebCam

Ok but ugly 1 stars
The program works well but the interface is confusing and program appearance GUI is HORRIBLE. Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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