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WinSplit Revolution WinSplit Revolution

Very nice on xp32 but freezes xp64 3 stars
I have both 32-bit and 64-bit XP on the same box. WinSplit has no worries on XP (32-bit). Be careful on XP (64-bit). Install it and see if you get persistent freezes requiring you to restart the computerwhich freezes again. If so, 64-bit XP just doesn't like WinSplit. Restart in Safe Mode (F8) and uninstall it. WinSplit provides its own uninstall for you. This was my experience, with the freezes starting with installation of Winsplit, and ceasing after I removed it. But on my XP 32-bit OS on the same box, I like WinSplit usually; but if you like Faststone Image Viewer in full screen mode, well, then you'll have to figure that outFaststone fullscreen doesn't easily relinquish screen territory. Generally WinSplit Revolution is worth checking out. Recommended, with caution. Price: Free
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Viddi Radio Player Viddi Radio Player

Too bad 2 stars
I think it has simply died. It has such a trim GUI, it looks like such a nice player; but--after wasting an hour on it, I gave it up. Basically it demands you have Windows Media Player (which is probably not a problem) AND the full-blown Real Player. Real Alternative won't do. Well, there is no such thing as a "Lite" Real Player, which loads all sorts of default phone-homeware in the back door. It defeats the purpose, because then all Viddi is, is an additional GUI for a bloated system. Too bad. If you're looking for a nice, light internet radio player, save yourself the time and hassle of this one, forget Viddi and just keep on lookin'. Price: Free
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HoverSnap HoverSnap

Imperfect, but very very good 4 stars
Do get yourself a HoverSnap! (Get RegSeeker, one of the internet's very best, while you're there.) HoverSnap is extremely simple and lightweight, giving you the ability to record what your screen shows (press Print Scn), or what part of your screen shows (press Ctl + Print Scn). Create for yourself a "Screenshots" folder. HoverSnap's default is "capture" + the date and time, so you might change that to "Mike's Desktop showing Nifty-keeners Iconics" or whatever -- keeping in mind that that becomes the new default, so next time you'll want to change it again. That way, you'll keep your myriad screenshots retrievable. You can add circles and arrows using Microsoft Paint or --?--. (Your cursor won't show in the screenshot.) When you first try HoverSnap, just keep in mind it is SO EASY to use that you might be confused! (Really.) A cute, powerful, impressive little tool from HoverDesk. Price: Free
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Rename Master Rename Master

Might as well have fun while you do the job 5 stars
I think this world would be a MUCH happier place if more people made programs highlighted in purple. But then, you can obviously expect original, highly creative work from anyone who calls himself Jackass Joe. Come to think of it, I think this world would be a much better place if we elected this kind of person for president. (Yes, I really do.) And the program? Well, I just told you. It's excellent. And it's light in weight, and it is free-standing (no install muss or fuss.) Price: Free
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