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Very good, but not 'total' 3 stars
This is a very good program, but it often does not actually remove EVERYTHING an installed app does. To test it, I used TU to install an app. Then I uninstalled it using TU (plus, I had to manually remove some folders). When I installed that same app again, it "remembered" such things as the install location and some other settings. How could this be if TU really 'TOTALLY' uninstalled it? Apparently, it left something behind. Also, as you have more programs, the scan time increases; at one point it was taking over 15 minutes to create the snapshot, which I found a serious barrier to continued use of TU. If you don't have a lot of programs, or if 100% removal of installed apps is not an issue, then TU is an excellent choice. But I install and test some 20-30 programs a month, and for me, it's only 'almost' total. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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Highly recommended!! 4 stars
OK, so it lacks a full auto-catalog feature, but it will let you browse to the executable of any program and it will pull all of the most relevant information for you (provided such info is included in the progam's assembly). Even without that, it's still the very best program of this type I have found yet. Perhaps the fact that I stopped looking after finding it means I have miss out on something better. Still, this is one of the few programs I have (I regularly download and test 30-40 programs a month) that has never crashed, failed to start, locked up, lost data or did anything even remotely quirky. Its customization is very deep and it has a field for just about everything one might need to track for installed software. I find the lack of automatic scanning/populating of its database to be very minor considering it's free. I have also not experienced any malware-like activity or any intrusive attempts to lure me to the paid version. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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