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Domain Name Analyzer Domain Name Analyzer

Nothing can compare! 5 stars
Had to write something about DNA ... I've been using it for years, found at SnapFiles, of course. You won't get better. It does not support the newer extensions, .tv, .name etc, but I believe they have a Pro Version ... maybe that does. All the usual (most used) extensions are supported though. It's very easy to use, and you can export/save your results. If a domain name is taken, and in use ... you can easily visit that website. Also, you can get all the info on WHOIS data base. There is so much I could write about DNA, but I am not afforded the space here. It will never give you any problem, and only bring you fast results. I'm surprised there aren't any user opinions here already, but I guess it's so good, we just take it for granted once we have it ... like I did, up until now. Bottom line ... if you need to check out domain names frequently, or if you're just curious, this one's for you. Thank You SoftnikTech. Price: Free
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Auslogics Disk Defrag Auslogics Disk Defrag

Time is of the essence 5 stars
Very nice clean, easy to use defrag tool. I used to defrag once a month, but it's been getting longer and longer between defrags ... simply because it takes too long. These days I've only been doing it once every 3 months or so, since I had to dedicate at least 1 whole day to do it. Now, using Auslogics Disk Defrag, the same defrag takes me 2 hrs. What an improvement over the Windows tool. I am seriously considering purchasing Boost Speed ... it's something I would like try, and when your vote of confidence is won over ... it makes it an easier decision when it comes to buying their other products. With this time-saving tool ... I can easily find the time to defrag as often as I like. I'm looking forward to what other great products these folks bring to us in the future. Thank you Auslogics. Price: Free
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MyUninstaller MyUninstaller

It's a must! 5 stars
MyUninstaller is well reviewed by SnapFiles, although I could never rate it anything less than EXCELLENT! A great alternative to Windows Add/Remove ... especially for those who use this often ... as I do. I find Windows to be very slow ... whereas, one click on my desktop, and up comes all my programs. I wouldn't be without it ... and to think it's FREE! Thank you to Nir Sofer for yet again, another wonderful time-saving product. Price: Free
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Active Security Monitor Active Security Monitor

Questionable findings 3 stars
I get excellent on firewall and anti virus. Here, it detects Avast ... unlike with some other users I noted. However, it gives me 'fair' on spyware, and poor on PC utilities. This, infact is NOT the case ... maybe it's just that I'm not using anything in my security software/applications (other than ASM) by AOL. Just what are they trying to tell me? ... I wonder. Also, they rate me at 85 ... then it jumped to 90, after I had installed additional spyware and PC tools ... however, I still remained 'poor' and 'fair' in these areas. The following day, without changing anything ... I dropped back down to 85. The only plus for me, is that on the rare occasions that I want to have my anti virus shut down for a short time, it flashes red on my tool bar ... reminding me to enable it (anti virus) again. Each user would have to judge for themselves. As far as I'm concerned ... it's questionable ... I can take it or leave it. Price: Free
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