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O&O RegEditor O&O RegEditor

Great app with one flaw 4 stars
What a nice app. It has one very annoying nag screen. When you tell it "later", later is the next time you bring up the program. It's similar to Window's RegEdit but it has a place to store favorite's. Great app! To the aurhor: Please remove that awful nag screen or remove it as being freeware. Price: Free
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RJ TextEd RJ TextEd

The best! 5 stars
Good enough to make this your default text and html editor. It has a great look and feel without being overwhelming. With a spell check, a file explorer and a preview for web pages, (and so much more), it's all you need. I haven't found one better! I tried really hard to find at least one thing wrong with it, to no avail. I can't say enough good things, so I'll just say, get it, you'll really like it! Price: Free
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Everything Everything

Possibly the best 5 stars
I've been using this search program for quite a while and wouldn't be without it. Unlike heavy bloated desktop search engines, this program is lightning fast and you'll get what your're looking for instantly. Search anything on your computer and external drives, as well. Just as soon as you create or modify a file, it lists (updates)itself in the program. You can even see it being updated. It's an amazing program; light and portable. Set it up (like I did) and make the ALT and ENTER keys your hot keys, so you'll have a search engine anytime and at your fingertips. Try it! You will absolutely wonder what you did before having this tiny app. I can't say enough good things about this program. Price: Free
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sTabLauncher sTabLauncher

Excellent app 5 stars
What else can I say - It's wonderful! The only problem I have had since it became available on this website, is not being able to download skins or other items because the bandwidth os always -0-. The site continually exceeds it's bandwidth and hasn't been available to days. Until this is corrected, the skins and visuals can't be seen or downloaded. I guess we'll just have to wait. Price: Free
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MailStore Home MailStore Home

Very nice app 5 stars
I make most of my apps portable for my flash drives. This app can be made portable too. Great program! Get it and take control of all your email! Price: Free
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View Source Editor View Source Editor

Excellent app 5 stars
Works with Vista! Vista OS makes it hard to change the HTML source editing from anything other than that terrible notepad.exe. (You'd think by now, Microsoft would know how to make a good text editor). This app does the job and does it perfectly! If you have Vista and do source editing, this is a "must have" app! Price: Free
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Responding Heads Responding Heads

An absolute joy! 5 stars
It wasn't too hard to figure out how to program all the wonderful features. I can actually carry on a conversation with "Sam" and although it seems silly at times, it can really be a "hands-off" co-worker experience. The only gripe I have is that when I ask for the date, it says it's exactly one month later than it is. Does anybody know how to fix this? My date and time is accurate on my computer. But that's all I can gripe about; since it's got a full 5 stars from me, anyway! Price: Free
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Simple Duplicate Finder Simple Duplicate Finder

Great little program 4 stars
This little application does the job very nicely. The only setback is that it deleted files permanently. It would be wonderful if it had an option to delete files to the recycle bin. Having that option added would make this the very best duplicate file finder there is. Price: Free
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