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Painnt Painnt

Not really free... 2 stars
The app is only so-so and here's why. In my book, in-app purchases do not equal free it's freemium. Freemium for those of you that don't know means it's a cutdown version ( i.e. Shareware ) that you have to buy all the best parts that make it worth having. Free - No cost No Ads completely free program. Adware - no monetary cost except for the bandwidth you pay for some companies ads. Most times ruining the usefulness of the product. Freemium - You get the bare bones but be prepared to pay more for the program to actually be useful. Shareware - You get most of the features for a limited time so you can see if it's what you are looking to buy. Commercial - Full bought and paid for. I really wish websites would use labels correctly. It would make picking a program so much easier. Price: Free
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio DVDVideoSoft Free Studio

A good choice for free editing. 4 stars
I was surprised how much this program could do. There is an upgrade you can buy but I haven't looked into that yet. Considering how much the free version can do the pay version may be worth a look. You do have to watch the install carefully as it will try to include other programs from the same maker. Price: Free Trial ($39.00)
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Firefox Extension Backup (FEBE) Firefox Extension Backup (FEBE)

Backs up practically everything. 4 stars
I've been using this add on for some time now and it's my #1 favorite add on for Firefox. We all know at some point we will have to reinstall our browser this add on allows you to get it back to it's former state as quickly as possible. You can pick what you would like to back up or just backup everything. You wont be sorry you tried this. Price: Free
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Sketchup Sketchup

A very good program marred by one flaw. 3 stars
I have always liked this program but could never figure out why you cannot save your work to your own computer as a 3d file like a .OBJ or something. I don't mind that all you're work is saved to their 3d warehouse but why not a local copy? I never thought that was asking to much.Other than all of that it is a great first time 3d program. Price: Free
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NeatMP3 NeatMP3

Crippleware unfortunately. 2 stars
Good program to cleanup loose ends, if that is you buy the full version other wise it's set in the free version to only 100 files at a time. If you have a large collection of music your out of luck. Price: Free
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WizMouse WizMouse

Surprised how useful this is. 5 stars
It's a small program that is a light weight as far as system resources are concerned. It's simple and does for the most part what it says it will, I have rarely run into windows or programs it wont scroll in but like I said rarely. This really is one of those things that should have been built into windows but things do get overlooked. Try it it'll grow on you. Price: Free
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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Best program uninstaller you can get for free 4 stars
I've used this a while now and must say I have been very happy with it. It really digs up the junk added to the installations not just the standard stuff. Give it a shot I doubt you'll be disappointed. The only fault is it does offer to install other stuff, if you don't want any of it just opt out and your good to go. Price: Free
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