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FlashBack Express FlashBack Express

Screen recorder ok, player is very good. 4 stars
When I first used this, I thought the screen recorder usage was odd. You set the recording area after you select the recording option. But once I got used to it I liked it well enough. When I installed the software it caused my desktop icons to get scrambled on my dual monitor system when they installed their own drivers and had to reboot to recognize my second monitor again. That was very annoying. But once I got it going I loved this software. The automatic settings are very good. The recording performance is excellent. Hands down faster then others I tried. And the frame by frame player is excellent. The best part is how quickly it rendered the recording for playback. What some other recorders took 5 minutes to do, this did in mere seconds. Developers definitely have performance in mind. Could use more marking features in the player but otherwise nicely done. Good software. Price: Free
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Wink Wink

Crashed on first use 1 stars
I think this would work for very small jobs. I set frame sampling to 10 frames/sec. After running a couple of minutes it crashed with memory error. Just don't think it can buffer large jobs. See my other reviews for the product I finally went with. Price: Free
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Maxthon Maxthon

Best browser on the planet 5 stars
I deleted my raving review from 04 just to add another because this software is soooo good. I've used it since their first release. The 2.5 release is polished and stable. No other browser will touch this. Things like mouse gestures that actually work, saving tab groups, super-drag-drop a must have, searchbox, highlighting. If I need to browse and can't use Maxthon. I won't. IE is 200 years behind this product. Please, please, please don't sell out to MS. I've been in software for 25 years. This is the most useful software I've ever used, although Copernic and Quicken come close. Too much power for knuckleheads though. If you're a knucklehead, use IE. Thats what its made for. But if you can handle 25-50 tabs and feel at home. YOU WANT THIS BROWSER. And performance - who cares. I'll put this against any browser. Uses a bit more memory than some maybe, but again, who cares. Price: Free
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PDF-XChange Viewer PDF-XChange Viewer

Just an awesome pdf viewer 5 stars
I originally gave this a low rating because of the memory leak. This appears to have been corrected. This is just an awesome program. Nice interface, awesome advanced search capabilities. My only fear is loosing the freeware status and seeing this go commercial only. Hang onto a freeware version. Price: Free
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AnalogX MaxMem AnalogX MaxMem

Didn't free up memory 2 stars
This program is small and easy to use, but after using it for seveal days, it failed to free up any memory on my machine. Result was the same when running it manually. Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

My search stopped here 5 stars
This is just an amazing piece of software. Can not believe it is free. Loaded with advanced features. The interface is outstanding and one of the most intuitive I've seen in years. Features available while in full screen mode are awesome. I also think the screen capture is better than most. Really a fun application. Price: Free
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Vallen Jpegger Vallen Jpegger

Basic viewer with basic features 3 stars
Think the reviews for this are over hyped this. Really lacks the features of other popular viewers. Spent about 2 hours reviewing this along side XnView and FastStone Image Viewer. Both beat this hands down, and FastStone beats them all. Don't even find the Copy/Move/Delete feature all that useful. Can do the same thing with Explorer. Price: Free
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DeepBurner Free DeepBurner Free

Not to flashy but works 4 stars
Have used this to burn CD and DVD disks without any problems. Not the flashiest software interface but it sure seems to work good. This software worked where others failed... Price: Free
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SpamBayes SpamBayes

Very effective, very reliable 5 stars
This is an excellent spam blocking tool. I've been using it 2 years now and have absolutely zero problems in the last year. This tool efficiently blocks around 200-300 spams a week, and leaves me with an average of 5 suspects weekly that I need to check. So easy to use, fully integrated into Outlook. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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