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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

Faded glory 2 stars
Don't try the Anniversary Edition out of nostalgia, this once decent program has tumbled. False positives galore [even including system files!] and conflicts apparently with most of the legitimate anti-spyware aps. It even alleges malware in the files of spybot [transparent behavior and pretty sad attempt at market penetration?].Clutters the interface with features not available to the unwashed freeware users,slows down PC to a crawl and tries to call home more than "ET". After avoiding the 2007 edition because of it's 'can't turn me off nohow' behavior I heard good things about new version from a beta tester but it's a clunker. SE was the last useful version but they now force you to download and install updated definition files manually into the install folder--Lavasoft seems to be getting progressively worse. There are many better choices around. Price: Free
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MozBackup MozBackup

A must-have is back up to speed 5 stars
Simple and effective tool to save key parts of Firefox, T-Bird or SeaMonkey profiles. New version 1.47 gives best results since v1.22, some problems identifying MozSuite profiles in intermediate versions but if you have been scared off, it is time to return--does passwords, mail settings, bookmarks, address books, etc in one zipped [pcv] file. You shouldn't be without. Price: Free
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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

Indispensable 5 stars
Does an extremely thorough job of getting rid of debris left behind after only running the deleted program's uninstaller---an hp image program "overlooked" 2600 (that's not a typo] registry keys after running it's uninstaller that Revo tracked down like a bounty hunter and drew attention to for easy deletion--you wouldn't guess how much junk is left behind by many utilities--they don't hide from this Pilgrim! When working on an ME system felt handcuffed I couldn't access this dandy program--a standby on W2K and XP systems. Price: Free
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Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

A very good compromise 5 stars
The 2 reg cleaners I had been using ran to extremes-one was very conservative and the other overly rambunctious and choosing hordes of items, many of which were impossible to identify. Eusing is comprehensive without going overboard and has a good justification for each choice. You can also choose individual hives or targets to scan which is a great feature. The user that tried 3 apps and thought it could've been this one that threw a monkey wrench into his system more than likely should point to the last he mentioned, extremely unlikely it was this one. Would like to see a "find in registry" feature but this is an overall excellent utility that does a fine job in a controlled manner. Could we give that nagscreen at startup a rest, though? Thanks! Price: Free
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EMCO Malware Destroyer EMCO Malware Destroyer

A sleeper that is extremely fast 5 stars
Won't tie up your PC for ages like some of them. While it did report a false positive, I provided info to them and it was remedied in the next update a few days later--very impressed by their response. While the list of target signatures it searches isn't exhaustive [presently 10,160] it is an excellent choice to run as well as the "Big 2" of spybot and adware detection as it picks up bad guys they miss and is done in a snap--much quicker than anything else I'm aware of out there in freeware. Give it a shot as a second opinion-if the developers continue to be responsive to users' needs it could very well grow into a primary tool for spyware detection. Price: Free
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Advanced SystemCare Free Advanced SystemCare Free

Use at your own risk 2 stars
Mangled window settings and the restore function was inoperable causing a reinstall/ repair of OS to counteract the havoc brought by AWC. The support staff just cut and pasted lines from FAQ that were totally irrelevant to the problem and kept telling me to hit the 'restore' button after I told them repeatedly it didn't work. Spy defense feature [an immunization list] is extensive but I had to go in and manually uncheck some entries in order to navigate some very common and reputable financial and auction sites that they blocked. If the restore function did actually work--may depend on XP's although support staff swears it doesn't--you would be able to reverse many of the senseless changes this app made. Use at your own risk and then very carefully--best bet is to steer clear entirely of this one-button destroyer that is a good idea but far from ready for primetime! Price: Free
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