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Calendar Magic Calendar Magic

A space for time ... 4 stars
The number of time related calculations one can perform with this software is amazing... the interface is definitely not the summit of elegance, but indoors is filled with a thousand and one surprising discoveries... really worth a try. I've kept it. Price: Free
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Chaos Manager Chaos Manager

Compact, elegant, handy 5 stars
It's all in the title, and in Snapfile's description. Unless you're dealing with 200 appointments in a 25 hour day, this is the solution to a neat, nicely built organizer. Even password protection is available. Nice, simple, adequate. Price: Free
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Firefox Browser Firefox Browser

The fully featured high-speed browser 4 stars
Firefox is fast, even if it is true that Opera is faster. But do we go on holidays with a dragster? Firefox remains the best combination of speed, features and security. I've tried them all, but Firefox always called me back. Price: Free
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PFrank PFrank

Splendid 5 stars
PFrank is the very best file renaming tool I've tried up to now, perhaps because it is the most flexible one. Unfortunately updates, if always a good thing as such, are a bit too frequent. How about a PFrank Tuesday? :) Price: Free
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GreatNews GreatNews

A remarkable news aggregator 5 stars
GreatNews has everything one might expect from a feed reader, and so cleverly put together it's hardly believable the whole resumes to 1Mb as compared to 3 times more quite often elsewhere. When we discover a software we often wonder "OK, but... is this other feature implemented?" Well, it is! "I'm sure they haven't thought about that other point..." Well, they have! The authors have programmed this little beauty with the end user in mind: it is definitely smart, like you and me! Price: Free
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EditPad Lite EditPad Lite

The first, the last, my everything... 5 stars
I've been using EditPad ever since it came out, never found better. Simple, fast, excellent HTML editor as well, just one of those fine products you use every day, with pleasure. It's there, waiting for you: grab it! Price: Free
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SwitchIt! SwitchIt!

Everything remains relative 4 stars
Excellent product, I'd rate it 4 out of 5, and still wouldn't recommend it. Why? Because similar products deal with ten times less than 2006kb and do not require .Net Framework. There is something absurd about using a whatever framework and absorbing more ram than other emancipated framework-free products. I'm missing a point, certainly. Price: Free
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Aurionix FileUsage Aurionix FileUsage

A joke 1 stars
Now, what are we getting here, a Windows Explorer add-on or an incitement - one more - to install .NET Framework? The latter is absolutely not required to perform an Explorer add-on. There were times when such a utility was done with a few lines of clean tight code. Using .NET Framework for this is like using a helicopter to cross the street. We all know .NET Framework is trying by all means to make it's way through, but perhaps could it be in a more appropriate way? Otherwise, yes, the add-on works. But it's not because a software is correct that it means it's worthy. Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

A senior's experience 5 stars
Ad-Aware was one of the first to deal with spyware/malware, far before the deal ever appeared as the cushy number for rising and often inexperienced softwares. They know what they're talking about, this is professionalism at it's best. Also, Ad-Aware SE Plus - shareware - and its Ad-Watch monitoring component is, I believe, worth a little sacrifice for the peace of mind it delivers. In my opinion, a minimum, besides the firewall and the anti-virus, includes Ad-Aware. Price: Free
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AudioShell AudioShell

First-class extension 5 stars
This is one of those softwares I use every day forgetting it is an added extension. It is so handy for audio files, giving the immediate info I need, allowing me to edit this or that of an audio tag. It is even possible to edit a global tag entry (highlight multiple same type audio files and right-click for 'Property", change Album name or whatever, the edit is then applied to all files, right from this extension!). I could live without Audioshell, but I don't see why!. Neat, small, just great! Price: Free
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Spyware Doctor (Demo) Spyware Doctor (Demo)

Strong but hungry 4 stars
Excellent anti-spyware tool, very capable. I've adopted it, but I do not use the real-time feature: it absorbs far too much RAM, over 40MB in my case. Still, on regular scanning, it has found one malware no other dedicated software had, which is relevant. Easy of use, all aspects of spyware intrusion are taken care of, excellent very regular data updates. I guess 40MB of RAM is the price to pay, but it is really heavy. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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RootkitRevealer RootkitRevealer

Great, but productive for experts only 4 stars
Difficult to state a recommendation, and that is precisely the point of my review. I would recommend it for experienced users, not because I can testify of its efficiency as I am not a specialist, but because it is signed SysInternals, a name of highly qualified software, a developer of whom I use other brilliant gems of software. I would not recommended it to novice users, because once RootkitRevealer has established diagnostic results, 1- I have no idea what should be considered as intrusion as opposed to normal data, and 2- should intrusion have been established, I ignore how I would be able to eradicate it. Seems rootkits are the future of malware. The whole system is getting smarter. Rootkits on one hand, heuristic developed (including rootkit diagnose) anti-malware on the other hand. So, more than ever, we'll have to delegate our confidence. SysInternals is in the lot of friends, but knowledge is at this point too highly required for unqualified users, of which I am. Price: Free
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IE Privacy Keeper IE Privacy Keeper

A+ for a must 5 stars
I've tried quite a few "cleaners", and in my opinion IE Privacy Keeper is the best. Don't tell anyone, but I would have bought it, if it hadn't been - moreover - free, true freeware. It's easy and complete. Now for those who believe it slows down the system, may they just acknowledge it is also longer to remember an erased password than to retrieve it from a file, quickly accessible but accessible by all. Seriously, IE Privacy Keeper cleans good and cleans fast and cleans when you say so: a good way to combine overall system speed with both privacy requirements and system's fitness. An excellent software, an everyday surfing companion. Price: Free
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RoboForm RoboForm

Obvious as a bed 5 stars
What do I consider I *really* need besides a browser, to surf quietly over the web? Besides obvious security tools, I know only two: 'Ad Muncher' and 'AI Roboform'. Spare on anything, but not on the basis: a bed fot the flat, AI Roboform for the browser. It's as simple as that. Moreover, Roboform is not a cockpit with switches everywhere, it is *really* as easy to install (and personalize) as it is practical - and efficient - to handle *all* my UserNames and Passwords. And I'm definitely *not* a geek! Price: Free Trial ($9.95)
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Avant Browser Avant Browser

Discreet elegance 5 stars
If you're not an anti-Internet Explorer aficionado, if you're searching for the best IE engined browser available, Avant Browser is the answer. Discreet (not bloated!), fast, powerful, it is a Ferrari, not a tank. Everything anyone needs is there, except the plugin the friend of the brother of my sister-in-law will wish once in a decade! AB has many features, those of speed and tranquility (pages render fast, smooth 'n' fast, the ad-blocker is a marvel), the default skins are sexy, others very tempting. I love this software, and I've tried practically everything a browser may be! Just try it. It does not intoxicate the registry, and is as easy to remove as to install. But I'd be surprised you remove it! Price: Free
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SymmTime SymmTime

Pro, easy, free: what more to wish? 5 stars
SymmTime is the time zone desktop reference I've been searching for... a long time. Up to 30 simultaneous clocks, elegant interface, wide display choices: this software is not smart, it's intelligent! Price: Free
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The very best in its category 5 stars
ERUNT (both NT Registry Optimizer and Erunt Registry Backup) is the best, because accurate, complete, easy to use. 1-Clean Registry (RegSupreme, another very complimentary software), 2-Optimize registry (NT Registry Optimizer), 3-Backup Registry (Erunt Registry Backup) is a fantastic trio. I had used up to now WinRescue, also very good, but slower and less complete. Also, I had had Registry compacting problems with either WinRescue or other softwares, when Kaspersky Antivirus was running (I had to quit Kaspersky Antivirus first) : not with ERUNT Registry Optimizer, though it is longer if the antivirus is running. I think every category has its leaders, and ERUNT is definitely the best here. Price: Free
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TheSage TheSage

`nec plus ultra` isnt english ... 5 stars
"Nec plus ultra" isn't English. In French, though, it means "the ultimate". LeSage English Dictionary is in my opinion definitely the best computerized desktop dictionary available. It goes beyond traditional - or most used - functions one expects, delivering more than the immediate meaning, it explores deeper roots if so is one's wish. In fact, it translates the meanings, so to say. Brilliant, and brilliantly organized. A word to my French compatriotes, to those sometimes complaining of the "invasion" of English culture: where do you find equivalent in quality French dictionaries? Nowhere. Why do 95% of French (mainly teenagers and young adults) express themselves on forums - vocabulary & rhetoric - as 5 year old kids? It would be time some people start moving in this country (France) and do as much for their language as others do for their own! Hum... I do need that dictionary, don't I! Price: Free
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iTunes iTunes

Transparent software 5 stars
ITunes is both so easy to use and so cleverly managed that you hardly realize you're dealing with a piece of software! I personally have the feeling of being in a music store and listening to music, wandering around and wondering if I should or not, if I would, if I will buy this or that music. I endorse the idea iTunes is the best on-line music store software available. It's more than handy, it's an everyday pleasure. Moreover, the audio playback quality is awesome. Great for parties (get on the mix!) as well as for a rainy Sunday afternoon stroll... I just love it! Price: Free
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