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Shuangs Audio Joiner Shuangs Audio Joiner

Not more than 20 minutes... 3 stars
It's easy to use and really snappy with joining files but with a few drawbacks. first, it doesnt allow you to play the files you are going to join (so you could verify if the files are indeed the ones you need) and second but most frustrating...after 20 min the output file creates a hiss in the combined audio file...took me a while to find out that this was the software's error. Price: Free
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Mp3Tag Mp3Tag

Better than the others. 5 stars
I should have waited until i have finished testing tagging before I posted a review on the other software/application because this one is waaaaaay better. One thing - it works, the "other software" crapped out on me in the middle of tagging on my Samsung yp-t9. Finished tagging in just seconds. now I can have the playlist I want...because the Samsung yp-t9 included software and the one on Samsung website doesnt work. Who says you get the quality you paid for? This one's free and it works heckuva way better than the paid one. Price: Free
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Mp3 Tag Tools Mp3 Tag Tools

Good for what it's for... 4 stars
Just right for mp3 tagging. I had to re name my mp3's on my Samsung yp-t9 and since the included software sucks (it doesnt all) i cant create playlist so I use mp3 tagging to make my playlist and just change the album names for the preferred playlist...a bit slow when it's directly changing the mp3 on the yp-t9. but at least it works..the samsung media studio and the other one doesnt even detect it's own player. Figures why the white wheel keeps winning. Price: Free
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Jaangle Jaangle

This is it... 5 stars
Sorry for the title but it's actually it. I've gone through maybe dozens of players and music management software around and after just 5 minutes of using's a keeper (it usually takes me that long to get the basics of the software and if it passes that time allotment it's good to go). especially the automated cover album and lyrics definitely saved me hours just to re tag my 20gb worth of music a lot of paid software too. To the authors of this nifty little software: 4 thumbs up!! I'm holding my cousin's two extra thumbs just to do it too. Price: Free
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Pictomio Pictomio

Fresher than fresh... 4 stars
I've tried free image browsers all the time (not just because of it's price..but i got fed up with acdsee a long time ago). my usual image browser was Fastone image viewer..and it's actually good, but i needed a fresher UI since..the preset UI in Fastone cant be changed or added to..tried Pictomio a few times and the 3D addition was a fresh way to view image files. Just a warning can have trouble when youre opening up a folder with a few thousand files in it. Other than that, there`s no other 3D way of viewing you 2D files that`s free and has this nice UI. I stay away from Picasa because it`s a Google app...hated their app since i've tried using google desktop... Price: Free
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Advanced Launcher Advanced Launcher

Windows can do this a lot easier... 2 stars
I've tried using apps that does the basically the same thing..launches apps that i use often..but with every clean re-install of windows you always have to set it up again...what i did was...create folder in another drive named "shortcuts" and in those are folders and named them into categories..ex..browsers, office, web, etc...and in those are shortcuts to my apps that i use often. after which i click the taskbar and add a new toolbar and point it to my "shortcuts" folder and voila..the same thing...and each time i re-install...since it was on another drive i can always point it back there...easy as pie. no installation needed. Price: Free
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WatchMe WatchMe

No options 2 stars
This application would have been great if there was an option to include a countdown instead of a count up. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Mar 10, 2008: Although the original purpose of WatchMe was for timing work that was being done - we re looking at adding countdown timers in the next release. Thanks for your comments!

SetFileDate SetFileDate

Cool app 5 stars
Although nobody thinks this software is that is. believe me it is! I use it to organize my applications on my psp in the order I want it to be. Price: Free
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ExplorerXP ExplorerXP

Almost there 3 stars's a good app....just wished that it supports thumbnail view and a few more bug fixes. Price: Free
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Google Earth Google Earth

Similarity 4 stars
Was using another software before this came out. it was okay too. downloaded it from NASA. (yup, the one with the rockets). it was earth..(something couldn't remember but it was a 150mb download and quite a nervous feeling of being watched. but hey it's okay. but google's version is a bit lighter. Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

More than 2 thumbs 5 stars
One of the greatest browsers out there. my first thought about the product was it can just view image files but i got sold when what i really needed was a viewer not like other viewers out there than can play every little thing no matter how large that file is, so with my work (computer graphics artist) i handle tons of images everyday and the hassle of viewing just the images amidst the flotsam of files is a must! hope they just fixed the drag and drop feature in the same window. but even without it it's keeper..i always carry a portable version of it on my usb key chain. Price: Free
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EaseUs Disk Copy EaseUs Disk Copy

Definitely not for newbies 2 stars
I'm not exactly a newbie nor am i an expert but somewhere in between..the problem with this app doesnt have any documentation on how to use, no steps on what to do..even if you did you to it's official site. and for people who doesnt even use floppies anymore... Price: Free
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Fast Launcher Fast Launcher

3 clicks 5 stars
The best application I have ever had. I've been using this since version 1, from win 98se to Xp pro. No worries about compatibility. If you want a reliable "Fast launcher"...the name says it all! Price: Free
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