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Pocket Voice Recorder Pocket Voice Recorder

A little confusing, but ok 2 stars
The WAV file isn't made automatically; you have to press the cryptic "SET" button to get menu items, including *export* to WAV. The splash screen offers no clear way to access the program, I clicked on something almost at random and finally got it instead of their website. "OFF" isn't off, but *minimize*. There's a little red X that I might have assumed is minimize which is actually "delete message". Once you get down to it, the app actually does what it's supposed to do pretty well, but it's stuck inside of what looks like an insufferable Winamp skin. It would be better to have WAV set as a default, and for the application to offer a more sensible interface. Price: Free
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Log Paper Log Paper

Handy tool 5 stars
Just try to use an ordinary graphics app to make custom ruled note paper! This did the job very well, and I think the only feature it's really lacking is being able to save your settings by name. Price: Free
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Replace Text (BK ReplaceEm) Replace Text (BK ReplaceEm)

Essential! 5 stars
Universal search and replace, nobody does it better on PC. The interface is a little easier when you realize that you can just double click on the edit fields to enter short bits of text, and there's certainly nothing else out there that will let you juggle honking huge blocks of text like this. Don't miss the *range searches*, where you can search for blocks of text based on beginning and ending characters, a great strategy for working on web sites (use unique comments to denote header and footer areas, for instance). If there is a fault with the interface, it's that it's not directly a part of a text editor, like Mac's BBEdit. That can be both a good and bad thing... you have to use a separate text editor to determine the text you're looking for; but then, you're not bound to one text editor, and can just use this as a companion tool with whichever one you prefer. Price: Free
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Pegasus Mail Pegasus Mail

Power and stability with learning curve 5 stars
The interface is a little confusing at first, but it's worth it to invest a little time in learning the program. It's like the Photoshop of email. Once learned, you'll find that many tasks are actually easier, like making filters: select an email, press the filter button, and a wizard offers you a choice of filtering options based on the characteristics of the email you chose. To put somebody in the address book, simply drag and drop their email into the address book. Automatic features are superior: HTML mail is *strongly* filtered for security. A notepad is included. It, and other lists, like the queue, draft manager, address book, and filters, can be tabbed, tiled, or cascaded. This is not only a superior email application, but a superior app all-around. I wish somebody made a word processor this good. Price: Free
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Folder View Folder View

Not perfect but essential 4 stars
Not only do I have lots of folders and files and projects to keep up with, but now I have two hard drives. Without Folder View, navigation would be nightmarish. Forget the Explorer toolbar, this makes the open/save dialogs faster and friendlier. You might play with it for a while to see how it works best for you; don't use the defaults. Using "My Documents" or the Desktop as the default folder defeats the purpose. I use a custom folder with links to places I have to access a lot (besides folders of personal files, data and program files that can't just be moved to one convenient location). The context menu adds to the functionality. After finding myself spending time navigating to an obscure folder too many times, I remember to right click to create a link. The interface could be a lot better, though, and the button in the open/save dialog throws some others off-kilter. I look forward to improvements. Price: Free
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