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LocalCooling LocalCooling

Good for target audience, otherwise redundant 3 stars
Nothing here that can't be done better by using the control panel's "Power Options." If you've already done so, the program's memory (18MB) and processor usage can technically cause MORE energy waste. HOWEVER, for those who are not adept at (or couldn't be bothered with) doing the above it encourages power conservation by making a game out of it as well as giving hard numbers (even if only a vague guesstimate) to look at. While this may backfire by encouraging extremely competitive types to leave their PC on when they'd otherwise shut it off just so the program kicks in (it's not clear how "off" time is counted), overall it's more likely the positives will outweigh the negatives and therefore is better than no power tweaking at all. Other issues include a non-standard GUI and no "suspend" support, but Snapfiles doesn't provide enough review space (or formatting options) to talk about those, too. Price: Free
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CombiMovie CombiMovie

Didn't work for me... 1 stars
Tried this twice just to be sure, but didn't properly join the files. The output *appeared* to be the right size, but something screwed up because Media Player Classic (which I've NEVER had a problem with, so I highly doubt it was a compatibility issue) showed only ~34mins, even though the first part *before* joining was over 45mins! Price: Free
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InfoRapid Search and Replace InfoRapid Search and Replace

Regex good only for finding, not replacing! 4 stars
Pretty good search options, but unless I'm missing something it appears it can only replace with specific text. With RegEx replace I should be able to search for "pic([0-9]).jpg" and replace with "pic000.jpg", but the replace dialog doesn't recognize the . Price: Free
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POP Peeper POP Peeper

Very convenient for webmail accounts! 5 stars
The one thing I wish ths supported was the ability to manage folders on the various web accounts, but I understand that would probably take a lot of work. Past that, that program ROCKS! It's highly configurable, supports many popular WebMail systems, makes a nice unified inbox (color-coding the various e-mail accounts so you can tell where each one came from at a glance), displays HTML e-mail (using MSIE as an underpinning - not my preference for security purposes, but it keeps the program small and tight, so it's understandable), and even lets you reply right there - no external e-mail program needed. Extremely convenient and very nice. High quality freeware - I love it! I don't remember if the author takes donations, but when I get another job again I intend to support this program! Price: Free
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