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FileMenu Tools FileMenu Tools

Right click right on 5 stars
I am reluctant to add anything to the context menu in Windows because of the risk of explorer freezes and crashes; but along with 7-zip, this is a must-have tool. It replaces shredder, file splitter/joiner, file renamer and folder size tools, all of which I previously installed. Agree with the previous review that it should be a part of the OS. Price: Free Trial ($11.00)
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TDP x-Ray Lite TDP x-Ray Lite

The best disk space analyzer 5 stars
This little tool is fast and efficient, giving a neat graphical display of the folders and files on your drive. You can pinpoint directories quickly by hovering your mouse cursor over them; moreover, subfolders are displayed in a pop up graph and can be accessed seamlessly without delay, allowing you to quickly drill down to any location. You can also access the explorer shell from within the interface (explore, delete etc) and view everything in fullscreen mode. Works a treat on Windows 7 RC1 - it should be a part of the Windows explorer shell in my opinion. It's that good. Price: Free
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GFI Backup Home Edition GFI Backup Home Edition

Effective and versatile backup tool 5 stars
This wizard-driven backup tool walks you through the steps of creating backup tasks that can be executed manually or automatically using the scheduler. It's very easy to get the hang of and most users will find it an effective and versatile backup tool. Price: Free
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Imgares Imgares

1,2, and easy 4 stars
Despite the awful name, Imgares is a simple to use batch resizer with a few extras thrown in; it's clearly a work in progress but one to watch. Price: Free
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Ashampoo Burning Studio Free Ashampoo Burning Studio Free

Good all-rounder 5 stars
Of all Ashampoo products, Burning Studio has always impressed me the most for it's clean interface and ease of use. Now that a free version is available it should be on every novice's computer - hassle-free burning and ripping at the click of a button. Price: Free
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EverNote EverNote

As good as it gets 5 stars
I can think of few freeware products that have as many useful features as Evernote - the web clipping ability alone is worth the download. On a tablet pc, handwritten notes and drawings are a breeze. Price: Free
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KeePass (Classic Edition) KeePass (Classic Edition)

Complicated and fiddly 3 stars
Double clicking this standalone executable just complicated my life unnecessarily. It's packed with features and if I had the time and inclination, I'm sure I could get the hang of it. But I need a password manager that works straight out of the box - not one that sends me on a wild goose chase. Fun for some, I guess... Price: Free
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Newzie Newzie

Why i like newzie 5 stars
Ok so this the latest beta and so far i have found it easy to use. it's the standard two pane browser with a file/list directory and the main viewing pane. it can synchronize rss feeds on start up highlighting the latest unread items. newzie is bright and stylish to look at with a host of useful features such as a scrolling ticker, pop up notifier customizable with sound file, news slideshow and postsweeper to get rid of the junk. i like the fact that selected posts open in the main viewer rather than externally in your internet browser. it may take a bit of getting used to but on the plus side it's from the same stable as the excellent ziepod and this release works well (apart from one glitch with the ticker - grrr). definitely one to watch even if it's not exactly your cup of tea at the moment. Price: Free
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Ziepod Ziepod

Why i like ziepod 4 stars
It's neat to use as a stand alone application and so far has worked without any niggles. you can switch quickly from an IM style window to an explorer browser or player mode to a handy toolbar. It's easy to export opml so you can load it on your other machines. I wish it had native support for video files but heck, it's free. Price: Free
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Tux Paint Tux Paint

One of the best 5 stars
I urge you to download this application now if you have kids and want them to learn how to use a simple drawing program. Along with the available "stamps", Tuxpaint is a versatile and attractive program with which youngsters can draw and experiment. But don't be fooled that TuxPaint is somehow limited: a great many artistic results can be achieved with ease. There many tools and effects are thoughtfully arranged; sounds add to the fun. The ability to save and print their creations from the program itself will delight kids. An added bonus is the friendly homepage and online gallery. Price: Free
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Switch Off Switch Off

Very useful, very small shutdown utility 4 stars
The fact that this neat application has not been updated since 2002 is testament to its stability. It is only a 65kb download and comes with a basic feature set and interface that mark it out as a practical tool rather than as a flashing, flickering system tray ornament. It is about one tenth the size of similar applications and not prone to the usual errors (at least so far!). Highly recommended if you value ease of use and simplicity over multifunctionitis. Brother, I have been cured. Price: Free
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Slawdog Smart Shutdown Slawdog Smart Shutdown

Useful, simple, free 4 stars
You get an icon in the systray from which you quickly shutdown, log-off, reboot, hang up your internet connection etc. Works well. Options are available for timed actions but be wary of setting shutdowns or restarts for less than 20 seconds. Depending on your OS and configuration, you can get into an endless loop! (Yep, I did..) Price: Free
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Desktop Sidebar Desktop Sidebar

Control freak 5 stars
Highly configurable and relatively easy to use, Desktop Sidebar is composed of various panels which you can move about to your heart's content. You can get better clocks, weather reports, pc performance stats, mail checkers etc as stand alone applications but these are all in one place and they're free. The news panel is oriented toward the US; however, I added RSS feeds quickly and it works fine. The mail checker, unlike Google's Desktop 2, can check multiple accounts including IMAP and Hotmail. You can access many areas of your pc via the sidebar. If you select Auto hide, the sidebar does not resize your browser window. It integrates with Outlook Express but I would like to see support for Thunderbird. Impressive tool if you need this much functionality. Price: Free
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Fast Launcher Fast Launcher

Clear the clutter! 4 stars
One of the best freeware applications available. It sits in the systray and gives you complete control over all the programs you want to run. It makes quick launch and start menu more or less redundant. Reminds me a lot of Jet Toolbar but it doesn't take up so much space at the bottom of the screen. The interface is a bit basic but it works without a glitch. The perfect place for all those programs you think you should have but don't really use. Price: Free
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