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Excellent program 4 stars
Convenient tool I am wondering when it will compress to rar too. A small question, what the left panel used for? For me, I think it is a file explorer, but it is not working that way. As it only display the current zip file, why not put it in one line and leave the browser search for the archive? Price: Free
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Filseclab Personal Firewall Filseclab Personal Firewall

If you look at this carefully 2 stars
For blocking the port scan, sygate do it well. To block the leakage, I believe sygate leaks, because there is no way a firewall without a spyware scan can survive. Filseclab is not as good as it looks in the test. It is just a little better than window xp firewall, and maybe as good as zonealarm free. It seems that comodo personal firewall is a good free firewall now. The jetico looks good, but never learn something even in learning mode. Price: Free
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ZipGenius ZipGenius

An excellent freeware 5 stars
As title said, an excellent software. I installed in my system as a backup once ... expires. But here are some personal opinions. I don't like the big buttons, which look like a big stone on the top, especially those two grey ones. I think maybe more and smaller buttons should be put in toolbar. The other thing is about easy to use. I spent nearly one hour to figure out how to zip a file, because I can't see any file in the inbuilt browser. If you count how many clicks you need to finish a compression, you will know why I didn't mark the ease of use excellent. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Feb 06, 2006: Hello. Thank you for your comment. You can set smaller icons with a right-click on the toolbar: you will see a popup menu that will let you customize the toolbar layout. In order to ZIP a file, you can simply right-click on the file you need to ZIP (you will see the context menu options) or you can use the ZG main application: click "New" to create a new ZIP file and program will show you the file compression dialog.

AVS Video Converter AVS Video Converter

Miss something important 3 stars
I've tried lots of video converters recently. AVS is among the best sharewares I tried. It succeeds in converting mpg to avi (with watermark). It supports more formats and allows resizing. However, I can't find cropping (or is it too implicit?) -- that is what I am looking for. Yes wmv can be converted into avi, cropped in virtualdub and then convert back to any format, but, is that a waste of time beside possibility of lost quality? On my computer, at least 1 hour is needed to convert a movie. I don't want to triple it. In my opinion, a good video converter should: a. support as many popular formats or leave places for plugin (ok); b. integrate basic function and filter during conversion (crop and more); c. provide some calculation /indication /advice /instruction on quality vs. output file size, make the configuration easier to avoid making a 1G avi from a 163M wmv! d. don't include BS's, e.g., burning, except you can do better than nero. Price: Free Trial ($39.00)
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CDH Media Wizard CDH Media Wizard

The demo is ugly 2 stars
I was looking for something that can crop the video -- get rid of the black or whatever colored edge. VirtualDub can do it but limited to avi. So I search, I found blaze media something, and I found the function called crop video, it just changed the start and end point of processing. Then I found this one, very impressively after installation I found a same interface as I just saw in blaze. And without surprise, the cropping did the same thing. Nah, that is enough, softwares that copy each other and don't even have the function named as standard definition are not worth buying. I unistalled it. Maybe I should just find some converter and go back to virtualdub. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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XnView XnView

Except a flaw in the interface, it is perfect 5 stars
I think the buttons are too big. Thus the toolbar has to be separated. But the one on the top of file list area is a trouble -- if I choose the preview window on the right side, and enlarge it to some extend, some of the button is covered and not accessible anymore. It is annoying sometimes. Besides that, I prefer 1 as lossless conversion to JP2 file. Also it will be great if we can choose how many columns or rows when we attach multiple photos together. For photo printer I like a 2*2 or 3*3 attachment. Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

Excellent replacement for acdsee 5 stars
This is an excellent software. However, I think following change might be helpful for use. 1. The preview area can be put in different location. 2. Remember what option I used for display -- detail, thumbnail or brief. 3. Make combine image possible, e.g., put 4 images into a 2*2 array and save as a new file so that I don't need other software to print photos. 4. Right the program start slower than [..] 3, especially after new installation. 5. Is that possible to find similar images in many folders? sometimes I changed the resolution or cropped the image and put into other place. Later on they are useless and it just take time to find them. 6. Is that more reasonable to use 1 as lossless conversion from any format to jp2? Right now it shows 10 and in the box it says 1000. A little confusing. 7. And if there is a preview for conversion it will be great. Anyway, this are just minors. I am glad I can uninstall the [..] now and enjoy the jp2 format. Price: Free
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RegSeeker RegSeeker

Yeah, looks good but causes problems 1 stars
It looks good at first sight. But my file explorer was messed up after I stopped it from the reg clean. I don't know why it scans whole hard drive during reg cleaning, other reg cleaner works fast and does nothing to my matlab folder. After I stopped it I found right mouse menu became a black box. And there is NO backup file for me even the "backup before delete" box kept checked. I will remove it from my computer no matter if I can restore it. This is not for me, I will stick with tweaknow regclean. Price: Free
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