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TDP x-Ray Lite TDP x-Ray Lite

Cool graphics, but... 4 stars
Years go by, OverDisk is getting old. Neither the program, nor site has been updated since 2005. That's why I'm looking for a replacement. TDP x-Ray seems ALMOST like one. It's blazing fast (same or faster than OverDisk), it shows results progressively, so you don't need to wait for full scan to see first results. It has cool sunburst graph interface (like OverDisk). Also, shadows, anti-aliasing, more colors, extra ring graphs on hover. It has Explorer shell integration. BUT: - You cannot get "UP" by clicking middle center circle. FAIL. - Unreadable hover text. FAIL. - Too many random colors, which don't mean anything, and while official site says "Part colors are selected so that two adjacent colors always differ", that is just not true. Compare with OverDisk - red-to-yellow coloring is based on the file's folder space share. BAD. - Menu bar is ugly, gray, vertical, and aligned right. BAD. - There are no clickable breadcrumb navigation AND file path is compressed. BAD. - No tree view. Minor annoyance. - No top-list (like in Disk Space Fan). - About screen with unselectable text, unclickable links, and it doesn't prevent main view from capturing mouse events. FAIL. Overall, it needs some additional love from developers, before it can be recommended over OverDisk. Price: Free
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The software developer responded to this review on Sep 22, 2011: Thank you for your comment and constructive critique. I agree with some of your complaints, bud dont't know if there will be time to fix them in the near future. I am currently working on other projects. You cannot get "UP" by clicking middle center circle. - you can however use mousewheel to go UP , I will add clickable center in the next version (hope it will be soon - Unreadable hover text. I don t understand what you mean, maybe a screenshot will help. On my machines, the text is perfectly readable. Maybe some OpenGL related issue ? About the colors. You can customize them in the xray.cfg file. I was experimenting with different coloring schemes - based on file age, etc. But didn't find it that useful. Thanks, Petr Kures

OverDisk OverDisk

Simply amazing 5 stars
Finally! I didnt have thought that such a program exists. Its so easy to spot who eats precious space. No need to crawl the whole file tree deducting the desired hidden subfolder with tmp files. No need to suffer. You just wait while program scans your selected drive an then view the synchronized dual-pane (tree and pie chart). The pie chart is the essence of the program. It shows sizes of folder content... and [!] sub-folder content, if its sizes are comparable. I can see 2 30MB+ Outlook files even from the disk root. And that's 9 levels deep. Price: Free
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