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Bandizip Bandizip

Good, but not for multi-user systems 3 stars
BandZip works well, but it installs to user account directories only -- it cannot be installed to the globally-accessible Program folders under XP or Win7. As a result systems with more than one user require multiple installs, one per account, or the app is invisible. Many systems have one Admin account and one or more Limited User accounts, so with this setup only the Admin can see and use Bandzip. The authors have stated this is a deliberate choice on their part, but it's a major annoyance and renders BandZip unusable for many. My system has three accounts, so the 6MB program folder would have to be tripled in size, not to mention the hassle of changing account rights multiple times just to install. Reverting to 7-Zip which installs for all users. Price: Free
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Revo Uninstaller Revo Uninstaller

Effective and convenient 5 stars
Has worked flawlessly for me under XP. The Junk Files scanner is especially effective because it allows for additional target object customization -- making Revo Uninstaller a much-needed companion to CCleaner and such which do not. Very highly recommended. Price: Free
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CrossLoop CrossLoop

Simplicity itself 4 stars
CrossLoop is the simplest functional remote-control package out there. An absolute must-have for remotely assisting newbies and anyone who Just Wants You to Make It Work. If you can accept the limited functions (eg, currently no file xfer) and the need for the remote user to be present to establish a connection, CrossLoop just plain works. Very highly recommended for easy, basic remote control. Price: Free
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Wallpaper Master Wallpaper Master

Excellent 5 stars
WallpaperMaster is an excellent wallpaper changer/manager. Simple to use, sufficient customization options, and the auto-shutoff feature makes this a must-have. No reason to use anything else! Price: Free
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Free Launch Bar Free Launch Bar

Hands down, the best free app launcher 5 stars
Free Launch Bar's seamless integration with the Windows environment, complete customizing options, and ability to build multiple independent menus (rather than navigate a multi-page launcher interface) make it, hands down, the best of the freeware launchers. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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Desktop Christmas Trees Desktop Christmas Trees

It's simple and kinda silly, but it works! 4 stars
"Desktop Christmas Tree" is a desktop Christmas tree. Confusing? (On a serious note, it would be great if the light colors and/or blink pattern could be customized, but freeware users can't be freeware beggars.) Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Almost 3 stars
CCleaner is very fast and easy to use, but it lacks an essential feature: the ability to exclude (protect) items from cleaning. CCleaner offers no customizable options within its target areas (eg, keeping certain browser cookies or history files). IE Privacy Keeper (IEPK) offers complete customization and is a better alternative. [Editor: Cookies can be excluded from the options dialog] Price: Free
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Back it up Back it up

Complete backup tool! 5 stars
Excellent tool for fast, simple, and complete backup needs. The ability to include folders, files and registry data is outstanding. Allows mirroring, too. Highly recommended. Price: Free
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