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JR Directory Printer JR Directory Printer

A small fantastic gem 5 stars
A great little program that is only 173 Kb in size but it you will save you tons of work. I was exiting to dos and then doing the "dir>filename.txt" to text file command but that gets old if you have several directories to do. This is one of those great gems that isn't overly and unnecessarily complicated. I'm very happy with this program and it definitely saved me lots of time today. Great job. Price: Free
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Speccy Speccy

Fantastic little program 5 stars
This is a great little program that works very quickly and doesnt require installation. I was looking for a program that could give me information on my hard drive. Well this one did all in a matter of a few seconds! I have never used a software utility of this type that was so complete. .... It also provided 36 additional lines of technical hardware information data; the most complete I have ever seen in this type of software. If you like this type of utility for finding hardware information and operating system information then this is for you. I know I sound excited because this is way more information that I needed for my hard drive but gladly accepted. You cant lose on this one. A big shout out and thanks to the software developers on this fantastic little program. Price: Free
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Stripmail Stripmail

Great little program 5 stars
I just love programs that are small in size, dont require installing and really do something special. This is one of those programs. It does what it says it will do. If you have ever had an email forward that contains all of those irritating forward characters in the text, this will clean it up. Just save the old text to the clipboard (control + a key then control + C key.) Just open strip mail and click Do it all and it will copy the selected text from the clipboard, reformat the text without the annoying special characters and finally save it back to the clipboard in a fraction of a second. Now just click and paste the text in the new email you are creating. This used to take a lot of time to do. Not anymore. Oh yeah, since it doesnt require installation you just place it in a directory and place a shortcut anywhere it is convenient and your ready to roll. It is one of those must have programs. Price: Free
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