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FileBack PC FileBack PC

Flexible, reliable, and very fast 5 stars
I've used FileBackPC since '98 and it's the best. There are tons of options with manual or automatic control over many aspects. It supports schedules, realtime backups as changes are detected, or simply hit go. It's aware of file size and dates for fast incremental backups and can restore up to 99 versions of a file. It's fast and stable and I appreciate the adjustable nature of nearly everything. Even the logging and display is adjustable. Newer versions work with Microsoft Volume Shadow service to backup files that are in use. It's gained tons of features over the years but is still easy to use. It can automatically back up common file types for you or you pick specific folders yourself with a few clicks. The GUI works excellent and also supports text wildcards like *.doc or exclude all (*.tmp). It works with local and remote drives including reconnecting to network shares if needed. Updates come out regularly. Excellent Price: Free Trial ($25.00)
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HD Tune Pro HD Tune Pro

Excellent and useful drive testing program 5 stars
I've used this for about 4 years. Nicely written, self contained program. Performs drive throughput and access time tests with graphical results. Also shows Drive temperature, UDMA mode, model number, firmware version, serial number, and more. Displays drive SMART data and can do fast or more detailed error scans to check for bad sectors. It does not repair them, it shows you where they are on the drive and how many, if any. Use the new CHKDSK in window Vista to scan for and update the bad sectors list if needed. This program has a simple and effective tabbed layout. Price: Free Trial ($34.95)
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SC-DiskInfo Standard Edition SC-DiskInfo Standard Edition

Fast and works fine 5 stars
A fast, simple way to see what's taking up space on your hard drive. It shows the exact size of files and folders as well as proportional bar graphs along the side. All columns are sortable. It seems to present much less load on the system than some other folder-size tools I've tried. Another good point is that it doesn't "start" calculating right away. You get to pick a starting folder. Some programs start on the root of C: by default and that takes a long time to display any results since it would have to work it's way through the entire drive from there. This one you get to pick and it shows you the results as the calculations are coming in. You can also interrupt it and pick a new folder to analyze (just by clicking on one) even while it was still working on the last one. That is a rare feature. Using Version 1.11 which has been around for several years. It works fine on 2000 and XP. haven't tried Vista. Price: Free
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