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Geek Uninstaller Geek Uninstaller

It leaves stuff behind 2 stars
As I often try various bits of freeware, I thought Geek Uninstaller was ideal for me. But after using Geek for a couple of weeks, UltraSearch found 4 files on my hard drive with the name of a program I had removed, and another 4 files with the program maker's name. I then ran Regedit which found 3 leftover keys. Now I am using another uninstaller, whose first use was to remove Geek! Price: Free
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Easy Image Modifier Easy Image Modifier

Excellent for batch resizing or renaming 5 stars
Where this software scores over others is that you can load whole folders of pictures at a time. Others I've tried, you have to load individual pictures one by one. It does not alter the original pictures, it puts the results in a new folder named Output in a destination of your choosing, and it is very fast. Price: Free
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MailStore Home MailStore Home

Excellent piece of freeware 5 stars
I wanted to close an email account that I no longer use, but to save the emails without exporting them all to my new webmail provider, one reason being they would then show the date I transferred them rather than their original dates. Mailstore was exactly what I needed. I easily installed its portable version in (cloud and sync) and then all it took to archive my emails was to enter my old email address and password into it. About 1200 emails transferred in a few minutes. What I wasn't expecting was that my original folders were retained, too; that was very pleasing. Those emails are now readily accessible if I want to refer back to any of them, helped by a good built-in search feature. The alternative would have been finding a login page for my old mail provider each time I want to check something, and signing in with the details of my unwanted account. Price: Free
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iPhotoDraw iPhotoDraw

So happy I found this 4 stars
Not only does iPhotoDraw do all that it claims to, but what they don't mention is that you can take screen captures with it as well. That, as far as I am concerned, makes it a really complete annotation program, and what is more, it is free. Price: Free
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EZBack-it-up EZBack-it-up

It misses changes to contents 2 stars
Agreed with Hitchiker [June 2009], it does not copy all files. I used EZBack-it-up for a few months, thought it was the best, until I discovered on my last use it had ignored any changes since the previous backup to the files and folders it had backed up. Now I'm looking for something more reliable. Price: Free
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Dynamic HTML Editor (Free) Dynamic HTML Editor (Free)

It needs more help details 2 stars
It's probably OK for very simple web pages. However, I struggled right from the start to set the page width and height I wanted. I constantly couldn't make the table for this to come up on the right, and stay up, and stay the way I set it. It would revert to default, then I couldn't find it again. Exasperated, I gave up in the end. There's no mention of Page Properties in the instructions. There must be easier to use web builders than this one. Price: Free
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Efigio Personal Organizer Efigio Personal Organizer

It does what it says but.... 2 stars
It shows your to-do items OK but that's as far as I like it. You can choose different priority levels but the colours are rather garish. The items stay in the order you entered them - it would be nice to be able to sort them. There are no instructions although it is very easy to figure out. You can add notes in a window at the bottom but on my download the beginning of the note appears on the main to-do line as well, rather distracting - different from the screenshot where the note does not show above. Price: Free
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AnalogX CookieWall AnalogX CookieWall

Just what i was looking for 4 stars
Best feature is you can move the tracking cookies that keep recurring into a column where CookieWall will delete them every time they come back. You need to enable autostart for the shortcut icon to stay in your system tray, otherwise it goes when you log off and you have to find and restart the prog next time. Price: Free
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