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ReNamer Lite ReNamer Lite

Indispensable 5 stars
If you are looking for an app to rename multiple files, than look no further. I find myself using this application more and more everyday. Simply one of the best free applications I have ever used. Price: Free
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foobar 2000 foobar 2000

Positively excellent 5 stars
I think that those who have given negative reviews either have unnecessary expectations or have not spent enough time delving into Foobar to give an appropriate recommendation. I've used for a short while and have been simply amazed. I just did not know that this level of customizeability was possible. Plus, I am finding all sorts of features that is turning me into an amateur audiophile. The appearance may be a little simple, but I have easily set up a very attractive interface and I am just in love with it. Give it a try! Price: Free
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Mp3Tag Mp3Tag

Excellent, almost perfect 4 stars
I just re-tagged my chaotic MP3 library (nearly 10,000 songs roughly 1/2 as albums and the other half as rogue singles). And I wouldn't have been able to have done this (in under a week) without this program; I highly recommend. I have one complaint however: I think that the interface for assigning external database information needs improved (specifically regarding the right hand box which lists your tracks). It would take me too much space to specifically describe my suggestions for this, but just be aware that you must assign the proper order in that box, otherwise you can easily mis-assign an entire album if you're not paying attention. Thanks! Price: Free
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Pictomio Pictomio

Very pretty but slow 4 stars
I installed v 1.2.24 and WoW this is a nice looking program, but it turns my computer to mush. There are a few options under settings that you can turn down some graphical details which helped and then I just flipped through my pictures for 30 minutes. This is a very fun and appealing image app. There is also a window, which you can pin, that gives you easy access to EXIF data; very cool. And the program has built-in GeoCoding application to include the use of either Microsoft or Google, although you have to pay to use this feature. One weird problem though is that it is not displaying any of my tags. There is an "Index Status" which states there are "267,120" tags in my album, but all the tag fields are empty and the tag index in the library is also empty. Another problem is that it seems not to display my .tiff files. A beautiful free app, but I do not recommend unless you have a decently performing computer and until some bugs get ironed out. Price: Free
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