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VirusTotal Uploader VirusTotal Uploader

Invaluable!!! 5 stars
From the right-click menu you can upload any file to VirusTotal for analysis by 40 different virus scanners. One of the best ways to keep viruses off of your machine. Sometimes even files from trusted websites will be infected so VirusTotal is invaluable. Price: Free
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HotKeyz HotKeyz

Highly functional and understandable 5 stars
Hotkeyz is a very capable utility that, while complex in its functionality, is understandable without having to read an extensive help file. It has the nice feature of indicating when the last time a hotkey was used allowing you to determine what hotkeys are needed. The interface is intelligently designed and is comprehensive in its features. Its only weakness is scheduling commands according to time. Price: Free
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MuralPix MuralPix

Outstanding 5 stars
If you're looking for a wallpaper changer, look no further. One advantage of this application is that it allows you to use images that are too small to fill an entire screen. Has numerous customizable settings. Again, this must be tried. Price: Free
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Notebook BatteryInfo Notebook BatteryInfo

Would be perfect if ... 3 stars
This utility resembles the battery indicator available on Thinkpad notebooks. It's clearly visible on the taskbar. Unfortunately, on my notebook when it indicates there still is 20% power remaining there in fact is only 5% power remaining. After the first time this happened it was not a problem, but some people may find it annoying if it occurs on their system. Price: Free
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SymmTime SymmTime

Artistic display of time 5 stars
Usually time is displayed in a very boring ho-hum manner. Symmtime provides a little artistry to the display of time from multiple time zones. It also has a great feature of letting you determine anywhere on the desktop you want the clocks to appear and remembering the location. Interface is simple and effective. My only complaint is it uses 9 MB of memory which is on the high side for a clock app, but if your system can afford it, it's a great program. Price: Free
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Ram optimizer that actually works! 5 stars
When I first saw FreeRAM I was skeptical it would be useful. But I was pleasantly surprised. It does actually enhance the performance of web browsing, although other functions on the computer don't appear to be much changed. My suggestion? At least try it out and see if it works for you. The features and interface are very well designed. Price: Free
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Visual Task Tips Visual Task Tips

Small and proficient 5 stars
Does what it says: provides a pop-up snapshot from the taskbar of the program running. You can set the refresh rate so it doesn't consume too much CPU. Even at the lowest setting, it refreshes well enough that you can get an idea what a video in a web page is showing at any given time. It uses a minimum of 3 MB of memory, higher if you have multiple icons on the taskbar. Price: Free
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CryptoTE CryptoTE

Perfect for protecting passwords 5 stars
This program was written primarily to provide an easy and secure way to encrypt limited but critical pieces of information such as passwords, bank info, credit card info, etc. It succeeds in its objective. It also provides a password generator and will compress the file in addition to encrypting it if you want. All in all, it is a simple application that does what it was intended to do -- provide quick and easy encryption of passwords and other personal info you need on a regular basis, i.e., surfing the web. Price: Free
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Cookie Monster Cookie Monster

Simple but effective 5 stars
The problem with other cookie managers is that they don't segregate the cookies you want to keep for identity purposes (e.g., financial websites, etc) and those that are disposable when you finish browsing. Cookie Monster allows you to segregate the cookies you want to keep from those you don't and works for both IE and Firefox. The program installer creates a separate icon that allows you to run the program in the background to delete cookies. This icon can be put in your startup folder so that every time Windows starts, any cookies are deleted. The icon can also be put in your Quicklaunch Bar so that you can delete cookies at any time. The interface is clear and intuitive. Don't let the whimsical name fool you, this is a great program. Price: Free
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