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Remote Desktop Manager Remote Desktop Manager

Excellent! 5 stars
I connect to several remote servers at the same time and this just makes it so much easier. Certainly beats all of the alternatives like "Remote Desktops." I had some weird issues as well and the author was a huge help. Excellent support and all around excellent application. A must have for anybody that works with servers all day. Price: Free Trial ($299.99)
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PhraseExpress PhraseExpress

Good, but very annoying. 2 stars
It's good for a little while, but it soon becomes very annoying when it starts harassing you with accusations of being used commercially, even if it's not. I've used it personally in a few different environments, on different computers, all non-commercial, but each time it claims that it's being used commercially. It helps me with my own productivity enough to where I may have considered purchasing a license just to stop the annoyances, but $30 is a bit steep for that. For what it does, $5 or $10 would be reasonable. Then again, the hostility factor of the messages and their website regarding free vs. commercial would make me still want to look elsewhere. I think it's a bit deceptive to offer it for free and then have it stop being functional at the slightest sign of being used "commercially." It just seems greedy to me. In my opinion, a donation model would be a better one for PE rather than this one which just repels people. Price: Free
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