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TeraCopy TeraCopy

Best copymove tool. Catches file copy errors 5 stars
I have been using this for a couple years, and now all friends and family are using it too. It's the best copy/move/replace tool I've seen. The best feature is the checksum capability. You need to activate this in the Preferences Menu. This allows the program to automatically check that the copied file is indeed an exact duplicate. Teracopy has been invaluable to catch those rare but potentially disastrous copy errors, where the copied file isn't an exact duplicate. I also recommend you change the preferences to a light blue and pale yellow for the "progress bar/thermometers" so you are able to read the text better. You can also turn the audio "ding" on or off in the preferences. I'm very impressed. When it encounters problems, it doesn't stop dead light windows normal copier, but continues copying everything it can. It will bebuzz that something's wrong. Then you can press the "cleanup" button and see a good report on what's wrong. It will tell you if 255 characters, directories are nested too deep, and many other potential filesystem errors and problems problems. If it finds identical file names, you can individually go through and click yes or no, or you can choose the third column which is to automatically replace everything. This is a fantastic tool for updating large numbers of files. This is easy to use, easy to set up, and I'm baffled any other users can't get this working for them. Price: Free
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Classic Shell Classic Shell

Essential core software 5 stars
Of all the software, what is more essential and "core" than the Windows explorer interface and the start menu, and task bar controls? Classic Shell allows you far more control and options for this than any product I've seen; it is free and runs without problem on more than 10 computers (family, friends etc), and lets me/other users make the Windows interface the way I want, not as Microsoft would force on me. Fabulous! If you hate the Win7 setup and want to revert back to XP - or any other custom setup - this is what you need. Crucial when upgrading or installing a new system. I can't praise it enough. Price: Free
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SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive

Best program to load ISOs as virtual drives 5 stars
I've used other programs which take various forms of disk images ISO, img, BIN, etc., including paid software. They were okay, but this is better. It creates either a permanent or temporary "virtual" CDDVD drive on your system. I'm able to take all my driver disks, and using a separate program like ImgBurn and save them in ISO format to my hard drive. That's where SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive comes in. If I ever need to access the disk, such as to copy or reload drivers, I don't need to find the disc. I find the ISO file and SlySoft Virtual CloneDrive mounts the ISO file to Windows as if it were the original CDDVD. Obviously read times are way faster than a real CDDVD. -- Note that this also works for any kind of drive image, including movies you can save as ISO file, so you can mount movie or music CDDVDs with their ISO files. Also, because the system thinks it's a real CD drive, you can reassign the drive letter in the Computer Management Console just like a normal DVD drive. Quite incredible performance and functionality; plus you get the option to automatically remount the ISO file on reboot. The program resides in the system tray. There is no extensive help, it's not hard to understand and is nearly automatic. -- For the curious, you cannot "write" to the virtual drive since this duplicates a real burned CDDVD. Other ISOdisk image programs can manipulate iso files outside of Virtual CloneDrive, which has never failed me yet. Price: Free
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TrueCrypt TrueCrypt

Best secure file or virtual disk available 5 stars
As far as I can tell, True Crypt is so good it seems to have knocked other competing commercial software off the map. I use this every day to encrypt and protect sensitive data like my passwords and other sensitive information, including large files of sensitive tax data. It offers the user a lot of options for setting up their virtual secure "drive", including the ability to make the drive of nearly any imaginable size, and this program is essential for taking a lot of sensitive files when I travel. True Crypt allows me to keep identical copies of the same secure encrypted drive (as one single file) on my hard drive and also copy that to my USB drives or other storage devices. While there are other programs that are dedicated to login password management, for general secure, encrypted file and secure virtual drive software, I can't imagine anything better. I will say that it does require some user knowledge, so unfortunately like most really powerful software, you can't give this to grandma and expect her to be an expert. However, I have set this up for other people, and once set up, they use it quite easily securely for years. Price: Free
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mp3DirectCut mp3DirectCut

Best mp3 editor for any price 5 stars
This is a very impressive product. It is simple, easy to use, and extremely fast. If you are familiar with other audio video editing software, this will be very easy to learn, and great to do strict editing or extraction of MP3 files into new MP3 files (no mixing, multitrack, or other trick editor effects, but that's not the product's intended use, so that's just fine). It has a terrific interface, complete with easy-to-use hotkeys. This makes it easy to scan or skip ahead in the audio file and select the exact points for editing. The best part is this is "a lossless stream editor", so you clip out sections of the MP3 file and save them without any encoding/transcoding. This means editing goes "disc speed" fast, and there is no loss in quality. I just edited over 40 hours of radio shows in MP3 format, and I got it done faster than any other program I've seen. I wish other programs were as capable well thought out. One last note is that sometimes exported MP3 files have an abrupt end, so you may want to insert a little dead space at the end of each file. This might be an MP3 issue(?). Price: Free
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Neutron Neutron

Good for what it does, but no scheduling 4 stars
For people who just need updates when they start the computer, this is a terrific product; very small footprint and easy use and set up. Probably exactly what most common users need. However, after using Neutron I switched to another clock update software since Neutron didn't look like I could set up continuous computer clock updates. I thought the product was very good, but as far as I can tell, you have to manually synchronize the clock again after startup. Sadly, my computer clock drifts 3-10 minutes per hour, so I really need something that works on a schedule I set up, like every 10-15 minutes hopefully I didn't miss some feature. Overall very good. Price: Free
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