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CintaNotes CintaNotes

So easy and useful 5 stars
I wish I could get a hold of the 2 really bad reviews and talk them into trying CintaNotes again. I have tried so many note programs over the past 20 years with only 2 that come to close to my requirements. One is OneNote which is an entirely different class and I use it all the time. But when I need something fast, notes &URL's, CintaNotes is in its own class, top of the class. Within an hour I was using it to my complete needs. 3 hotkeys and away I go. Ctrl+ALT+F12 - Open CintaNotes ()Instantly Ctrl+Shift+F12 - Open New Doc, that I use for Notes & URL's. Hit Save when done, providing I changes something. Shift+Alt+U - Create a URL within your Select text that describes the URL. Now you don't even need a manual. How simple is that? I'll take full advantage of CintaNotes in time. But for now, Fast Notes and URL's. Yes, no bookmarks all over my computers. Oh-And I can dictate my text notes using Dragon. Try that with most of your other note programs. This entire note was dictated using Dragon and CintaNotes. I hate typing. Price: Free
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EverNote EverNote

Not as clean as i like 3 stars
I used it 2 or 3 years ago and found it to be slow and the design not very pleasing. The fact that I was using Microsoft OneNote might've been why I lost interest in EverNote. 6 months ago I started to use Nimbus Note and fell in love. I felt Evernote could do what it was meant to do but the interface to be a bit slow and boring. I might add that I was using an Asus Rampage V Edition 10 board with 128mem. The Intel processor was about the fastest at the time. I'm always looking for the cleanest solution for what I'm doing and felt that Evernote was not the solution. Price: Free
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Macro Express Macro Express

It can't drive me to work. but... 5 stars
Anything else I'm going to do on a computer it's going to do. It can load programs, print repetitive tasks, schedule just about anything I do. Interface: Takes a bit getting used to. Once you got a handle on it no problem. Features: Absolutely amazing. Ease of Use: a bit getting used to. But plenty of help from Support. Price: I feel a bit guilty. For the value I get, yeah I feel guilty. I use it in conjunction with Nuance - Dragon, speech typing program. I have been using MEPro for 8 to 12 years. When I install a new system 1st comes Opus, Dragon then comes Macro Express Pro. As yet I have not been able to get Macro Express Pro to fly but I'm getting pretty close. Bob Price: Free Trial ($39.95)
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Directory Opus Directory Opus

Opus is to a computer as salt is to the sea 5 stars
There is absolutely no one that knows how to turn on a computer that can't benefit from Opus. Never found a program in all my years that financially benefited my needs. As far as the utility program I guarantee you will never find an equal. Utility! It would be better for me to list what it cannot do. But then I wouldn't know what that would be. Recently I was a victim of the way extremely harsh embezzlement. I am the only source in the state of Wisconsin that had the ability back in 2011 to list every home built since 1989. I had to reconstruct that database to same accuracy I had before the embezzlement. I searched high and low for a program that could save and reconstruct my damaged files. I could not find anything even close to what I needed. Then I started toying around with opus which I had for 8+ years. To my surprise I had the perfect program already installed on my computer, Opus. It gave me the capability to save my company. Sounds a bit heavy, but it's a fact. An absolute necessity. Whenever I reinstall, Windows XP to Windows 8.1 64bit, the 1st thing installed is Opus. The latest update to 11.6 "... Best update that I have ever received in all my years with computers. I feel I have an additional 70 of feature power. Short on experience, take out of the box and fly. Techie - Definitely Makes Your Day. Better said. Create whatever you want. Forum Support (You'll never find better) Search amerifax and see the speed and response quality. Price: Free Trial ($89.00)
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Very good but... 4 stars
It is a bit heavy for what it can do. I have used ... for years so I figured it might be time to change. I was wrong. It's a good product but to much over head. Better said. If I never had known ... I might have been happy with Book Collector. I also have little trust with the Collectorz company. I have used there Movie Collection program for many years. One of the best. Problem is they changed the method used images collection. So for the last four years I have not updated. I'll bet 80, wild guess, of there market is happy with it. It just don't work for me. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Reviews-are we taking about softcat? 5 stars
I have been using SoftCat sine, hold on let be check SoftCat! Wow I have install dates of software, Gravity, back in late 1998. I sure miss Gravity. It cost me 15 and was installed on my computer, at the time, called Robert. The password was GV2060822 and was purchased from MicroPlanet which is now an energy of sort website. The version number was 2.5. I can go on and on but what's the point. I think it's already been made. Most likely I might have seen the review on this site. Actually before it was Webattack I believe it was something else, Sysop can you help me with info? I buy most software based on reviews from this very site. I weed through the info and make a decision. So I think all reviews have a responsibly to people looking for software. This product should have a 4.5 out of 5. It is every thing it should be. Hence the name SoftCat Plus. And it does live up to it's name. Price: Free Trial ($29.95)
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