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Dimensions 2 Folders Dimensions 2 Folders

Works great, lightweight and fast. 4 stars
Great little tool for grouping together images based on their width&height size. I use this when I'm batch resizing photos. First I'll use Dimensions2Folders to separate the large medium and small photos into individual folders. Then I can easily drop those folders into the batch resize program I use one at a time, first I resize the large folder then the medium folder then the small if needed. I'm usually just resizing down to save space so the small folder is skipped. Someone else might have a better method but this way works for me. A couple things about Dimensions2Folders keeps it from getting a 5 star review from me. The interface is a little too technical. Recurse source folder should simply be called Scan subfolders. Also the tolerance level should be a little easier to use. Maybe having a tolerance that could work in only one direction either plus OR minus would be useful. Other than that it's great and I love the fact that it's portable, just unzip and use. Price: Free
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Playtime Playtime

Great to compare video files. 5 stars
A wonderful little tool, lightweight and just works. Useful for searching your video collection for a certain file since it lists lengths, I was looking for a particular vid I had that was around 50 minutes long and this made it easy to find. Another alternative would of been to install a video manager that had a sort by length feature but using PlayTime was alot less hastle. PlayTime doesn't need to be installed, just unzip and start using it. All software should be this simple. Price: Free
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Flashnote Flashnote

Keeps it simple and works great. 5 stars
After trying many of the various note type programs I finally stopped my search and stuck with this one. It's lightweight loads up instantly has autosave so you never have to worry about accidentally closing it and losing anything. This one might not be as fancy as the others but it makes up for it with a well built clutter-free interface so you can concentrate on your notes. It's portable so just unzip to a folder and start using, if you don't love it just delete the folder. Price: Free
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Apple Safari Apple Safari

Bad for your Windows computer. 1 stars
Total time using Safari about 1 hour. Total time trying to remove it- a lot longer. This is a bloated piece of apple junk (windows version at least, maybe on a mac this is ok but my review is only for the discontinued windows version). After waiting a longer time then should be necessary installing this browser, which also installed an apple product updater tool deep into the system without letting me know. I had to find this on my own. I then tried the browser for about an hour, it seemed sluggish the entire time and froze up a couple times when going into the options part of the browser. This was long enough to realize this apple browser was not happy inside my Vista laptop so I tried to uninstall it. Try being the keyword, it left behind that apple updater which refused to completely uninstall itself so I had to use Revo Uninstaller to finally clean up all the leftover sour apple pie bits. A bad experience for me and my laptop, we are both happier with Firefox or opera or even IE. Since I dislike Google I don't recommend Chrome but even that is a better choice than this. Price: Free
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FastStone Image Viewer FastStone Image Viewer

Great, it lets you focus on your photos! 5 stars
An image viewer that is a pleasure to use and lets you focus on your photos not on the program. Once set up according to your own taste (choice of skin, mouse and navigation options, etc.) you can just sit back and relax and use this everyday. Very rarely will you need to open another tool to mess with your images, but if you do need to open an image with another program you can do this right from inside Faststone using the "edit with external program" feature. I tested many other free image viewers but no others feel as solid as Faststone, solid as a rock (stone) you can say. Recent versions of Faststone image viewer are great but I still prefer the look and feel of version 2.5 the best. Give that version a try if you haven't, sometimes older is better. But either way you shouldn't be disappointed with this program. I'm an artist and a lover of photography so I have spent many long hours enjoying Faststone. Price: Free
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