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PDF-XChange Viewer PDF-XChange Viewer

8 years later, still an excellent pdf tool 5 stars
Free "Editor" (out of the same stables as "Viewer") is a little too aggressive with watermarks when re-accessing comments. "Viewer" is more forgiving, as long as you don't "flatten" (integrate) the comments/shapes into the original pdf document. Watermarks are not subtle visually. Accidental access can be minimized with a setting in "Preferences" Edit -> Preferences -> Categories: Commenting - enable two check boxes to " block mouse access to comments unless SHIFT key is used" Shortcut keys for tools can be customized via ... Customize Toolbars (RClick in empty toolbars area)-> Commands (tab) ... select a command -> Properties (button)... My shortcut for "Hand Tool" is Escape Price: Free
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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

Both 32-bit and 64-bit 5 stars
Easiest icon creator I have used. Download provides both 32-bit and 64-bit portables, incl 28 languages. Price: Free
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CubicExplorer CubicExplorer

Best i have used, and still do 4 stars
A shame this app is no longer developed. I still use it with its rare bugs that I am used to. PROS: very customizable, inc. all toolbars (except MenuBar). GUI can be customized to any layout, very versatile (default is 4 panes). I am using Navigation pane + tabbed files pane, on a small monitor-laptop w. Chrome skin. Portable: automatically remembers last session, particularly handy if I forget to connect USB-storage. Bookmarks: provide instant access to any folderfiledrives (incl. USB-storage) + custom-folders in bookmarks + bookmarks can be renamed + rearranged by dragging. Settings: table style, very well designed and easily accessible. Simplifies comparing multiple-folder contents and copying-moving between folders or drives. Customizable (local) hot keys (brilliant). Add new folder or file hotkeys. Very simple drive navigation. Suit users of all ages. CONS:- Deleted folders and related files-tab remain visible (a bug) CE does not refresh itself up the folder tree. Renamed or new folders show false-positive alert (bug). "Version Manager" is no longer relevant, developer web-site is gone (not a deal stopper). Renaming drives results in a false-positive alertwarning (bug). "Show all foldersfiles" feature does not show system-files. Still requires WinExp. Forum is gone. Don't give up on CE, once settings are mastered this is a v. smooth experience. Price: Free
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Q-Dir Q-Dir

Disappointing 1 stars
I have tried Q-Dir twice in last 5 months. Two major let-downs are the amateurish GUI and accessing "Settings" Q-Dir desperately needs a table-style Settings "pagewindow". The mammoth menu on menubar is not convenient for initial setup, nor for ongoing tweaks. (If not a settings window, then sub-meus on on the menu would be an improvement) GUI is amateurish, all components are cramped in. Active panel "tab" is not easily identified at a glance. Tab captions need some white space to facilitate easy (eye) "scanning". Drive links are way too small for convenient drive changes. (Its time the developer removed the failed "Warning" on the home page, which is supposed to be funny, but will put a lot of newbies off.) This app could be a real winner for those of us who work on laptops (small monitors). I prefer 2 panel setup -- Folder + Files pane with tabs for multiple file-panes. Presently I am using CubicExplorer (developers web-site has vanished in past 3 months) and is vastly superior to Q-Dir. I think CubicExplorer is available here on Price: Free
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DuckCapture DuckCapture

Simple 5 minute setup 5 stars
Have been using this app for last 12 months. Works very well, out of the box. Save as file (PNG, JPG, BMP), annotation tools are very basic. Capture full webpage, full-screen, window, region ... with provided list of hotkeys. Options are not overwhelming. Very simple compact GUI, enough options without massive menu-lists. Like MS Snipping tool on steroids. No bugs in 12 months of daily use. Using it is fun and quick ... not a chore. Suits my 70 year old keep-it-simple, mentality. Price: Free
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