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Resonic Player Resonic Player

My new favourite audio player? 5 stars
I've always preferred directory players (DP)over other types of audio players. For many years I've used another, very small, DP. Recently, I wanted to play some FLAC files with that DP but couldn't. I spent about 30 minutes messing around with plug-ins etc., but it still would not work. In frustration I looked around for an alternative and found Resonic Player. It plays FLAC files straight out of the box. After using it for a while I've decided it's my "new favourite audio player". PRO:
simple/easy to use
enough features to suit my needs
doesn't consume too much CPU memory
plays a wide range of audio file formats without hassle
looks fine

On my 1.4 Ghz snail paced laptop it's slow to load. Price: Free
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Sandboxie Sandboxie

Safer way to browse the internet 4 stars
Bookmarks created while using a browser within Sandboxie can be safely deleted. If you create a bookmark (Firefox, not sure about other browsers but would guess it's the same) whilst your browser is Sandboxed, said bookmark will be removed once you delete the contents of the Sandbox prior to exiting Sandboxie. This is an easy task to perform from the right-click pop up menu of the Sandboxie taskbar icon. Overall, Sandboxie is a great tool to help increase users security while browsing and or testing software. Highly recommended. Note: The program can be used freely after the 30 days trial period if your willing to put up with a pop-up nag screen that lasts for about 5 seconds when you start Sandboxie. Price: Free
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