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manage disk partitions EaseUS Partition Master (Home Edition) enables you to configure and manage partitions on your hard drive(s). You can delete or format, and also resize and move your partitions. If you do not have any free disk space you can reduce the size of an existing partition, and use the unallocated disk space to create new or enlarged partitions to better manage your data. In addition, you can view disk and partition properties, set an active partition, change drive letters and more. EaseUS Partition Master can be run from within Windows. Copyright Snapfiles.com

FYI: This program offers to install promotional or third party software. Installation of these components is optional but you should pay attention during setup to avoid installing unwanted software. Read our policy.

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Publisher CHENGDU YIWO (6) Price Free
Version 18.2.0  history Last updated Jan 11, 2024
File Size 44.9 Mb Requirements None

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Want data loss? 1 stars by pill828 May 18, 2015
I am surprised at how positive other reviews here are - this must result from lack of experience or lack of acquaintance with the software. EaseUS Partition Master is a crude chinese copy (some might say rip-off) of Powerquest's PartitionMagic V8.0, which was an excellent partition manager for OS up to WinXP, but which has not been updated to run under Win7 or later. At first I thought it was just clumsily implemented - functional, but with poor & ambiguous translation - for eg the distinction between RECOVER (from data loss) and RESTORE (of a backup) is critical - but is lost on them. But I now recognise it is much more dangerous than this. First, a cloned HDD (made using the Linux bootable from USB) is faulty, and requires your Win startup disk to repair it (see https:support.microsoft.comen-uskb2004518). This is quite a nuisance - dangerous only if you are a novice or lack a windows recovery disk. The killer is in the partition operations, some of which require exiting from windows and auto-running a file after reboot. I have tried this only twice, and on each occasion Partition Master failed to find the batch file it needed on reboot. On the second of these occasions I was aiming to restore the OS partition from a cloned disk created as a backup. EaseUS corrupted the partition table on the SOURCE disk, so ruining my backup. How it did this, when it should only have been reading from it, I don't know...and don't care either. Want to take risks with your data? show Review details
C drive full? Solution here. 5 stars by bassaniobroke Apr 05, 2015 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Once again sanpfiles has offered me wonderful solution. My C drive was full and I could not install any program. I badly needed adobe reader as I had to fill some forms. I came to snapfiles and found EaseUS Partition Master. I was able to merge C drive with adjacent D drive and was able to increase space in C drive. I have only used this feature but there is lot more. So far have not discovered any worm or other issue but I have refused all other program that were bundled up along with this program and only installed EaseUS partition master, and I use win XP. show Review details
Almost fun! 5 stars by gwestbound Dec 22, 2011 (Read all my 20 reviews)
I rarely have a need to create or re-size partitions. I approach the task with much fear and trepidation. EaseUS Partition Master makes it easy, almost fun! show Review details
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