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create video slideshows from photos and movie clips ffDiaporama enables you to create video presentations or slideshows from your photos, movie clips and background music. You can spice up your slideshow with custom title slides using text, images and animated effects as well as slide and background transitions. If you want quick results, you can simply add your images to the project and create a standard slideshow, or you can customize the look and feel by editing individual slides and apply zoom effects, object rotations, text annotations and other custom effects. The resulting slideshow can be rendered in avi, mpg, mp4, and mkv format. ffDiaporama includes ready-to-use presets for popular mobile devices (Smartphones,portable players etc.), web publishing (Flash,HTML5) and multimedia systems (DVD players, game consoles etc.) with support for HD resolutions.Other features include support for video cutting, image corrections, filters, animation effects and more. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher ffDiaporama Team Price Free
Version 2.1  history Last updated Feb 19, 2014
File Size 39.7 Mb Requirements None

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Nice slideshow and movie presentation tool 4 stars by PogMoHon Dec 22, 2014 (Read all my 22 reviews)
You can not only throw in images and sound, but also video. And save the combination of all those things + transitions and text to a new movie file (mpeg2, mp4 etc) of good quality. show Review details
Very cool! 5 stars by gimpguy Jul 10, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
I love how easy it is to import media, drag, drop, done. Adding effects "which are very different as opposed to common effects you see",really give the transitions a professional feel. You can add text, animate it say by adding a title, add text, rotate it in the editor and when you play it, it rotates in the clip, very cool. You can edit photos directly from the program and while not photoshop or gimp, it's enough to mess around with. You can resize, move, and do all sorts of things with clips. Add music and just have fun. Save the output for dvd even, I have one burned that works great. There is too much to cover in here but it's one of those programs that have a lot, but not too much where you need a half year of learning to use. Just right for common users I would think. With regards to nicholas, the reason it shows blanks is lack of any media or content. You can't render something without content, you will only get blank spots albeit fairly obvious. Don't import into the main viewer window, it won't work and I am guessing that's exactly what's going on. Drag and drop pics and vids, etc... into the WHITE BAR above the viewer window. I've tested this on Windows 7 X64, 32, and Xp Pro, it works great on all. There may even be other issues with your pc, memory, graphics or a bad download. Try setting the memory in the program itself. Hopefully you can enjoy it then too. :-) show Review details
Buggy 2 stars by Nicholas Jan 18, 2012 (Read all my 72 reviews)
FfDiaporama looks promising but turns out to be rather buggy. For instance, it is not possible to insert pictures or videos. After many hours of editing, trying and compiling the hi-res results (avi, mp4) are of no use. The presentations often show blanks in stead of pictures after videoclips. show Review details
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