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record and edit MIDI files Midiocre enables you to record and edit standard MIDI files by using the computer keyboard instead of an external keyboard. You can customize the keyboard notes, controls and tracks to record, then transpose and synchronize to a new or existing track with the Keyboard Map editor. In the XG Editor, standard Windows controls and forms as well as straightforward labels are used. The Measure Editor features looping playback of the selected range of measures even while editing a table of measures. The names, order and inclusion status of notes and controls including drum names and the optional piano keyboard graphic are customizable for the Note and Control editors using the Kit Editor. The instrument sound selection controlled by program and bank select messages is customizable. Midiocre supports format 0 and 1, ticks per quarter note Standard MIDI files and can convert between format 0 and 1. Copyright Snapfiles.com

Midiocre is currently not available.

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