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add folder tabs to Windows Explorer QTTabBar enables you to add folder tabs and other options to Windows Explorer. The tabs are nicely integrated with each Explorer window and have a native look and feel. You can rearrange the tab order by dragging, lock tabs into place, create tab groups to quickly open multiple folders and also access your favorite apps from a handy shortcut menu. The tabs can be customized with colored fonts, adjustable tab sizes and even background images. In addition to folder tabs, QTTabBar also offers several Explorer enhancements, such as folder and file previews (see screenshots), column headers in all views, alternate row colors in list view, and more. QTTabBar also includes a search option that allows you to quickly filter the current list by file names that match a specific keyword. Copyright Snapfiles.com

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Publisher QTTabBar Price Free
Version 1.5 Beta 2 Last updated Aug 13, 2012
File Size 840 Kb Requirements None

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Great enhancement for explorer - (previews!) 5 stars by indridcold65190 Dec 24, 2021 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I typically do not post reviews - but felt QTTabBar warranted one. I have been termed a computer 'geek' before the term became the quintessential description for those of us who began our online journey back in the days of 300 baud modems. I love software. Especially software that adds functionality to things you already use. QTTabBar fills the gaps left by the original Windows Explorer. One of my favorite features, being both a DJ and a person who takes alot of photos, is the preview functionality that it seamlessly adds... allowing you to preview song selections and preview images just by simply hovering over the file name. Then you add the multi-tab instances, path copy features and the multitude of other useful and meaningful enhancements and you have yourself an application certainly worthy of adding to your everyday arsenal while foraging through your files. Definitely worth a look in my opinion. It's not bloated like other 'explorer enhancing apps' so your file explorer doesn't blow up with a ridiculous amount of fluff and distraction. It's just the right amount of kung-fu and hey ... you can't beat the price. show Review details
Mostly awesome 4 stars by CaptainIke Mar 21, 2017
This is the very best tabifier for explorer I've found. It has an amazing variety of options, if you can find them. They're buried in context menus. It took me a week to find the option to add or remove buttons on the toolbar. I would not have known that options even existed if I hadn't looked at the screen shots. For future reference: Right click on a toolbar button to get to the "Customize..." dialog. Right click on an empty space on the toolbar to get to all the other options. Though it has its flaws, QTTabBar is still a helpful addition to explorer. Definitely recommended. show Review details
Simply put...the best 5 stars by gimpguy Aug 18, 2012 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
This is without a doubt the best tab and window management for explorer I've ever used. When you install, you will see some basic options, which at that point I thought "Ok, nothing fancy here.". Then I right clicked for the options and WOW. Now I have a means to open new tabs just by wheel clicking on a folder, have an image for the toolbar background, or color if you prefer, able to view new windows, clone a window and much more than I can explain here. Let's just say you should grab a cup of coffee or preferred drink of choice, sit down, learn a bit about this, go through the options and without a doubt, you will have a customized explorer, the way you like it. After using this, I already know I won't be going back to the standard interface. Great piece of software, a must have! show Review details
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