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advanced code editor SynWrite is a full-featured, open source code editor that offers a wide range of features that let you handle your coding projects more efficiently. It supports customizable syntax coloring schemes for dozens of coding languages and offers a handy code folding feature that lets you hide irrelevant portions of your code while you're working on it. In addition to standard editing features, SynWrite supports code bookmarks and markers, line operations, quick commenting, macro recording, auto-closing of tags/brackets, integrated HTML Tidy library, and many other useful functions. Other features include support for external tools, Emmet (Zen Coding) support, integrated spell checking, code snippet library, find & replace, and more. SynWrite also comes with a built-in FTP/SFTP client to upload and download your files. Copyright

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Publisher UVViewSoft (2) Price Free
Version 6.41.2780  history Last updated Mar 29, 2021
File Size 14.6 Mb Requirements None

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Excellent editor, with excellent support 5 stars by DerellLicht Jan 09, 2017 (Read all my 21 reviews)
I started using SynWrite about 1 week ago, for professional code development. It has many excellent features, and very nice to use. I have found several bugs and wish-for issues over the past week; in every case, he acknowledged bugs and fixed them within 24 hours. Even a couple of my wish-for items have already been done, and a major one is in the works. Excellent support for an excellent product! show Review details
Editor has all I need 5 stars by utidl373 Oct 02, 2014
It's all a matter of what you need and expect from a good editor. There will always be pros and cons and there is no "best of all" editor out there. SynWrite does many things right and it's clear that there are missing some things. A plugin manager is one of these things. On the other hand, its update frequency is high. New releases comes out every few days and i'm sure that there will be more features soon. The good thing is, if you have any reasonable wishes, the developer will try to realize it asap. Personally I'm missing nothing and I'm totally happy with current feature set for my daily work. So it's not important for me if other editors can do more. Synwrite offers a plugin mode for Total Commander file manager. No other editors can do this. Don't like ST because of its dark interface. N++ interface is bad too. show Review details
Good for matlab texts 5 stars by aaa5500119 Sep 16, 2014
I tested at least 5 usually very high rated programming editors, and found SynWrite more or less only by chance. Finally I found that SynWrite is one of the very best editors, and for my needs the editor of choice. I am actually surprised that it is still not more popular and not much more frequently referenced to and then also higher ranked by programming editor comparing blogs and journal articles. In general: it has Code Folding it runs perfectly stable and is outstandingly fast it has syntax highlighting (lexer) for almost every language around, and for the case still needed, lexer configuration is very well documented. A detail to add to this, for my personal needs: it comes already with a basic and yet sufficiently functional MATLAB syntax highlighting, something almost all competitors miss. show Review details
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