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Spencer Spencer

This is a superb start menu program!! 5 stars
I criticized a previous version of this program because it did not support actual cascading menus, as I required. However, I eventually contacted the author and discussed this and several other issues with him, and he put a significant amount of effort into improving the program... it now has options for true WindowsXP-style cascading menus, and many other options as well. I was incredibly impressed with how much effort he put into updating the program for my requirements, and we had several useful discussions about various aspects of how the program might operate. I highly recommend this program now! Price: Free
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UserBenchmark UserBenchmark

This stupid program stinks like before 2 stars
1. There's no way to bypass that stupid FPS shooter graphics test, which has nothing to do with CPU capabilities!!! 2. Even if I get past that barrier, the program's testing of modern SSDs is simply ignorant... it is the only existing, supposedly-supported benchmark program that has no idea at all how to evaluate modern Gen4 SSD drives; it insists on stating that my modern Gen4 drives readwrite at 1-2GBsecond - which is completely ignorant... every other disk benchmark understands that these drives transfer at 5-6 GBsecond, but not this junk... save your self a head-ache... use a real benchmark program... Price: Free
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XL Essential PDF Splitter XL Essential PDF Splitter

These two tools worked beautifully together!! 5 stars
I had to print out a signature page for a long pdf document, sign it, and send back the signed document to them. Instead of printing, signing, scanning the entire document, I used XL Essential PDF Splitter to split it in two, signed the last page, converted it back to PDF, then used XL Essential PDF Merger to merge the two docs back together. Both programs were quick, easy, intuitive to use, and quickly got the job done!! Thank you XL Development for excellent free tools!! Price: Free
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XL Essential PDF Merger XL Essential PDF Merger

These two tools worked beautifully together!! 5 stars
I had to print out a signature page for a long pdf document, sign it, and send back the signed document to them. Instead of printing, signing, scanning the entire document, I used XL Essential PDF Splitter to split it in two, signed the last page, converted it back to PDF, then used XL Essential PDF Merger to merge the two docs back together. Both programs were quick, easy, intuitive to use, and quickly got the job done!! Thank you XL Development for excellent free tools!! Price: Free
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PSPad Editor PSPad Editor

There is one lethal bug, that he cannot fix 1 stars
This used to be my go-to programming editor... The feature set is everything one could ask for... but... A few years ago, a bug popped up in the program... it would cause closing-brace lines to be replaced with a strange binary data pattern... He has been fighting this bug for years, but is unable to resolve it... every time he came out with a new version, users would report it happening again... So now, in 2023, this otherwise-magical editor simply is not reliably usable... I recommend trying RJ TextEd instead; it has all the same features, superb user support, completely free, and it doesn't have this bug... separate note for Snapfiles... I had to make all of the specific ratings to Poor, in order to give it the "unusable" rating that I need to give it... but most of those categories Interface, Features, etc would be Excellent, if the program was simply usable... Price: Free
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DS Clock DS Clock

A very handy and configurable clock!! 5 stars
I love all the various config options; I can make it look exactly as I wish!! Also, the time-synchronization operation works very well... I've used this utility for more years that I can even count, and it is still running on all my machines! Price: Free
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ImgBurn ImgBurn

Excellent for burning bluray backup discs !! 5 stars
I use BluRay M-Disc media for doing computer backups... I tried several other paid and free programs to handle this, and all had problems of various sorts. ImgBurn, however, consistently and reliably burns and verifies these discs without error; I am very grateful to have this program!! It is especially amazing considering that this program hasn't had an update in almost a decade, yet it works fine... obviously it doesn't need anything. Price: Free
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FolderTimeUpdate FolderTimeUpdate

This is exactly what i was looking for !! 5 stars
I keep a large, multi-level folder tree of images that I capture during my hiking... but I've always had a problem in that I would add new folders under, for example, Welch Creek Road, but adding the new folders does not automatically update the Last Modified date on the upper folders... folder dates are only updated when FILES change, not folders... so over time, the timestamps on the top-level folders are completely irrelevant... But FolderTimeUpdate solves that problem completely!! Just point at the top-level folder, click START, and everything is updated... One thing to be aware of: on the "Subfolders Depth:" line, set Update Mode to "Use the modified time of files in the folder AND ALL OF ITS SUBFOLDERS"... otherwise, you won't quite get what you want... but with that change, I have an ideal solution to my folder-timestamp-management needs... and of course, once again, it has the NirSoft logo... magic software from the Norse countries for over 30 years now!! Price: Free
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An excellent program for playing audio files 5 stars
I've used AIMP for many years now, and have never had any issue with it. Easy to use, reliable, stable, and plays pretty much all audio formats. Price: Free
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CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader and Generator CodeTwo QR Code Desktop Reader and Generator

This is perfect enough!! 5 stars
I need a QR-code scanner so that I can scan QR codes from my Geography textbook, which lead to other information on the author's website... This works almost perfectly... I click "scan from screen" in this program, then highlight the QR code in the PDF file; it then displays the QR code, and shows the translated text in a separate field. I can then click the "copy to clipboard" button... then go to my browser and hit Paste, and it opens right up!! The only thing that would be slightly more perfect, is if it also had a "execute in default browser" button, but that's just nit-picking, especially since the program is free!! It also has a "scan from webcam" button, which would be cool if I was using a separate physical textbook; I haven't yet tested that, but I'm guess that it will work just as well as "scan from screen" does... Highly Recommended !!! Price: Free
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LosslessCut LosslessCut

This does exactly what i wanted !! 5 stars
It took a bit of poking around to figure out how it wanted to be used, but it in fact does exactly the job I want done - just clip a portion of a video file, and make it easy for me to ensure that I'm clipping exactly what I want... very nice!! Price: Free
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VSDC Free Video Editor VSDC Free Video Editor

Trivial task cannot be accomplished 1 stars
I need to perform perhaps the most trivial operation that one could wish to perform on a video file - mark a location, then delete to end of file... in other words, truncate the file. This did not appear to be doable at all with this program... or maybe it was, but there were countless options and no documentation at all. I actually did accidentally figure out how to mark a portion of my test video, but never did figure out after that, how to delete the selection. The only visible DELETE operation, deleted the entire file - which is really stupid once I've selected a region... Price: Free
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WAU Manager WAU Manager

I'm still using it, but support is awful 3 stars
I like this program, because it supplants Microsoft's automatic updates for Windows, which occasionally cause problems... This program mostly works as advertised, except that I've had an occasional issue with it; if it installs an update which requires a reboot, but there are other updates pending, it will just hang, and cannot be terminated; you have to reboot to shut it down. NOTE: I think that is what is going on with these hangs, but I cannot be sure. When I contacted the author and asked for support on this issue, he told me I have to upgrade to a different version of Windows 10... but my version 19042.1165 (V 20H2) is perfectly valid, and his program is still hanging in some cases. So, basically, the company's attitude is "If you don't like it, don't use it."... and that's it for support. If there was a working competitor to this that I could look at, I would certainly do so! Price: Free
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WizTree WizTree

Excellent program 5 stars
I'm using it on Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit. It works superbly, on all of my drives. Speed is absolutely unparalleled !! The program is updated regularly, and they've added some cool new features, such as showing folder sizes in the map display. Price: Free
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RJ TextEd RJ TextEd

Definitely my go-to programmer's editor now 5 stars
The author has made many changes to this program in recent years, and it now is as powerful and capable as any paid editor that is available. When I first started using it a few months ago, I found a couple of bugs in obscure settings that I use... when I reported these bugs, the author responded within a day or two, and fixed the bugs immediately!! You won't find a more responsive company than this one... Price: Free
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This used to be great, now adware 4 stars
I used doPDF for years; it was easy to use, and very configurable. Sadly, in recent versions (around V8 or so), it has become a sales tool for their paid version, called NovaPDF, and it pops up annoying reminder windows regularly; every time it loads (at boot), and every time user invokes it to save something. I ultimately decided that it just wasn't that important to me any more. Price: Free
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It is wonderful to have izarc back again!! 5 stars
I used this for years as my preferred archiving program. Then it switched to adware model many years ago, and I moved on. I've used many other archivers over the past years, but all ultimately had issues of one sort or another. Recently I discovered that IZArc is no longer adware, so I am happy to return to this program, which Just Works (tm). Price: Free
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TidyTabs TidyTabs

Works nicely, but no docs 4 stars
Well, it seems to work quite nicely. The only issue that I have with it, is that there are no docs available, either with program or on website. This is relevant because there is also a paid version of this program, but there are no docs telling me what the differences between them are!! I've found at least one potential difference; it seems I can only group up to three tabs with the free program; no idea if the paid program is different!! Price: Free
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PDFMate PDF Converter Free PDFMate PDF Converter Free

Only converts to docx 3 stars
Well, it says it converts PDF to .DOC, but it doesn't, it only converts to docx, which I cannot read. When you tell it to convert to DOC (yes, the button exists), it converts to DOCX, then pops up an ad to inform you that you have to buy the program in order to get that option. Price: Free
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AM-DeadLink AM-DeadLink

V4.7 - no longer deletes dead links 2 stars
I used to use this program to remove dead links from Firefox. However, as of V4.7, it no longer supports this operation, which makes the program pretty much useless. Price: Free
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SynWrite SynWrite

Excellent editor, with excellent support 5 stars
I started using SynWrite about 1 week ago, for professional code development. It has many excellent features, and very nice to use. I have found several bugs and wish-for issues over the past week; in every case, he acknowledged bugs and fixed them within 24 hours. Even a couple of my wish-for items have already been done, and a major one is in the works. Excellent support for an excellent product! Price: Free
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