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Simply too buggy 2 stars by objective Sep 26, 2022 (Read all my 13 reviews)
I've used Snagit for years, at home and at work. I've spent a fortune on it, but I'm done. I just can't take the bugs anymore. And whenever I report bugs, TechSmith support tells me they can't reproduce it. Oh, I'll be able to reproduce it (1) On my home PC; (2) On my work PC; and (2) On my VDI instance, but oh man, it's just not reproducible. Then you have the fact that it randomly un-licenses itself, and refuses to work unless you log into the website and reactivate. I've had this happen after using System Restore as well. Usually, when I install the new annual version, what happens is that it lets me install it without uttering a peep, everything works as before, and I begin using the updated version and think nothing of it. Then, a month later, it tells me my trial has expired. This is because it never prompted me to activate the new license. I have the license; I just haven't fed it into Snagit. It's an awful way of handling licensing. I'm sick of it. Snagit is constantly connecting out to various hosts, ostensibly to continuously verify its activation, and you can't prevent it from doing so without it refusing to work. I'm sick of this as well. There are too many other good alternatives that work better for me to continue overpaying for Snagit. show Review details
Powerful but buggy 4 stars by OTempora Dec 02, 2010 (Read all my 4 reviews)
SnagIt is one of the few utilities I actually bought: V.8 first, then they gouged me for another $15 when 9 was released a mere month later. In V.10 the improvements are minimal: the All-In-One option provides some intelligence during your capture, automatically selecting a window or section as you move the mouse around. It`s arguable whether it`s worth the upgrade cost. The input and output options are plentiful and flexible, and it`s relatively easy to do a capture, and choose which kind first. Capturing text is possible, but iffy. The biggest issue is with the bugs. All versions are prone to crashes and TS doesn`t ever seem to fix them -- they just issue a new upgrade. V. 10 is slow to load on my system (Win 7-64, i7-870, 8 GB) and worse on my work PC (Vista 4MB), which takes up to a minute to start and capture. I use SnagIt if I`m doing some complex editing after the capture -- the editor is its best feature -- but otherwise I use free Picpick. show Review details
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