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Has flaws 3 stars by gimpguy Sep 17, 2008 (Read all my 1159 reviews)
Well, I dealt with hang ups more than getting to use it and had some issues with discovery. The preset subnets option wasn't working particularly well either. When specified using the preset, seems when I get the freezes more often. I did manage to detect my own pc finally and view software and hardware but nothing fancy. I think it needs some work and has potential. show Review details
Auditing networked computers made easy 5 stars by RobCinOz Mar 26, 2007
I've used this program for over a year now and it makes easy work of creating and monitoring the software and hardware on all PCs connected to our network. One great feature is the ability to take a snapshot of one or more PCs and then later simply view any changes that have occurred since the snapshot. The monitoring of licenses is also made simpler; after the first audit, enter your license limits for each software item and from then on the status of each is easily seen. I highly recommend it for anyone with the otherwise daunting task of monitoring any changes on their network of software or hardware. Best of all, it's freeware! show Review details
Very useful, but not for win 98 4 stars by AnonymMan Jun 29, 2005 (Read all my 15 reviews)
As expected, this software is only for NT family (NT, 2000, XP, etc). It will not run under Win 98 as it displays error "ActiveX/Cannot create object". Maybe it needs WMI/WindowsScript 5.6 installed? On the NT platform it runs excellent! show Review details
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