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Easy to use time saver utility 4 stars by escalona Sep 06, 2006
This is an easy to use time saver utility for every one who write often reports, emails, letters etc. You can use the software to automate your daily tasks. I use it for making offers and write reports, as consultant, for customers. Also to optimise my quality in supporting and answering emails. Never write over and over the same text. Even for programmers this is an useful program to use it as a code library. Strong points: Simplicity of use, Fast and flexible, Use of variables, Great value for money (donationware), 1st class support. Wishes / weak points: RTF support (programmer is working on it), Support of foreign languages. Bob Hillesum show Review details
Stay away from their website 1 stars by Ronbur Feb 13, 2006 (Read all my 19 reviews)
Nothing particularly interesting in this Prog to go through all this troubles.To remove a nagging screen you'll have to visit their site,register and get "free" reg.key which is valid only 6 months.After that you'll receive 2-3 e-mail a month asking for a donation (the name of the site, by the way,is "DonationCoder"),even if you haven't checked any checkboxes allowing them to send you messages. This guys are just spamers! show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Sep 07, 2006: This program is one of many utilities on We are a donationware site that is trying to figure out a way to keep our software free and still encourage donations. You can donate as little as 10 cents to become a lifetime member of our site and never see another donation reminder. Or you can not donate anything and sign up for an endlessly renewable license key that you have to download every 6 months or so. We do not spam people nor give our email lists to anyone. we have a twice monthly newsletter that many people love, which you can opt out of by clicking a link in it, or selecting not to receive it at signup time, or disabling mail from your forum profile. We love hearing suggestions for new features and talking about software and new ideas on our forum so please stop by if you want to chat - we have a very active forum. -mouser (Jesse)
Good idea this program. the interface looks o ... 3 stars by Rens-KL Aug 30, 2005 (Read all my 5 reviews)
Good idea this program. The interface looks outdated, but the program does wat it promises to do. With a few clicks you can put your mail or letter together. Making the templates is easy when you read the online helpfile. It's a pity that it doesn't support text-formatting like bold, italics, etc... The nagscreen is annoying. It can only be removed when you register. show Review details
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