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Good product 5 stars by RickOldCity Feb 27, 2010
I had a 1.5 Terrabyte drive go down, drive did not even show up in Windows. I tried about ten other programs including Seagate's recovery tool. None of them found any files. Easeus Data Recovery Professional found 2,500 PSD files, 1,300 TIF files and 9,000 JPEGS (which I REALLY needed). The file names were lost but at least I have the files. Highly recommended. show Review details
Recover all! 5 stars by DONNIM Feb 21, 2008
Tried other recovery software demos, but they hardly found anything. This Data Recovery Wizard found ALL. I bought it and have been able to recover ALL my files. show Review details
It's very good ! 5 stars by shield Nov 29, 2007
It's good if you want to bring a program back!thanks for it,so cost-effective! show Review details
Recovered data others ignored 5 stars by donschool Nov 29, 2006
I used the trial version to scan a defunct 500Gb hard drive. Three other top rated tools found few recoverable files and could not recover partitions properly. The drive was a real mess! After running the trial version on this drive, I had both partitions reconstructed and nearly all files were recoverable. It took 6.5 Hours to scan and rebuild the drive, but it is worth it if you do not back up your data regularly. One problem was that once the trial version found everything (6.5 Hours), you could not save the information or recover. You need to buy the full version and rescan (6.5 Hours) to get your data back. I was told by the developer that this would be addressed in a future upgrade. Best data recovery tool I've used in 20+ years of computing. show Review details
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