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Good program 5 stars by Jedi0002 Dec 04, 2007
If you sit down and take a little extra time to put in the commands properly ... it will save you MASS amounts of time in the long run. AND if you route all commands to the root dir of each program you can free up your desktop of the clutter of the shortcuts. It rocks. show Review details
An absolute joy! 5 stars by BarryFox Sep 01, 2006 (Read all my 8 reviews)
It wasn't too hard to figure out how to program all the wonderful features. I can actually carry on a conversation with "Sam" and although it seems silly at times, it can really be a "hands-off" co-worker experience. The only gripe I have is that when I ask for the date, it says it's exactly one month later than it is. Does anybody know how to fix this? My date and time is accurate on my computer. But that's all I can gripe about; since it's got a full 5 stars from me, anyway! show Review details
Great freeware 4 stars by MarcTrepanier May 31, 2006
Great freeware, works very well and is very versatile. Would benefit from an enhanced user manual as I had to "read between the lines" to get some of the features going. Lots of fun to get your computer to do things just by talking to it. show Review details
This is free?! Install after msr training!! 5 stars by martinklahm Mar 13, 2006
If this has not worked for others, it is because they did not set up their Microsoft Speech Recognition before they installed this program. So, totally set that up, do the extra training, and then install this awesome program. You can program it to open IE, programs, favorite websites, based on what you say. 5 Stars. show Review details
Great fun 4 stars by DKalan Dec 07, 2005 (Read all my 2 reviews)
I get a kick out of just talking to my computer and getting it to run programs by what I say. show Review details
Simple to use and easy to setup 4 stars by Deathrat Nov 26, 2005
Ok I've been checking this out for a day or so. For my evaluation, I'd say it's a good voice control program. This is what I've liked so far. I found it easy to associate a spoken word or phrase to any executable file on your pc's hard drive, including the ability to associate keyboard shortcuts for almost all of windows desktop,example closing a active window. The con's so far for me has been the inability to associate things like the control panel. But I am sure there is a way. My one suggestion for future release is a change to when you associate your phrase with the open option, that your not limited to to executable files. Once again overall the app is pretty good, many thanks to the author of Responding Heads. show Review details
Could be great 2 stars by henkvandeven Nov 16, 2005
I found the program, installed it and basic functions are working. The example of closing the window works. I could not get the other things working. Just like Open Mail. No idea how to do it. In the manual is described to use OPEN including the command of the executable. NO RESPONSE. The fact that the head disappears after a failure is nog nice. So : if the manual could be extended this can we a fine working program. show Review details
Fatal blue 2 stars by AungDin Nov 11, 2005 (Read all my 22 reviews)
Maybe I have a cruddy microphone but I could not get the heads to recognize my commands very often. I got really frustrated when the program imploded into a dreaded blue DOS screen telling me Windows needed to shut down to avoid damage. Responding heads had to go. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Nov 12, 2005: You sould use windows xp. not windows 98 or 95 (i dont know why snapfiles have said that it works with 95 and 98 but i am sorry for any damage... i advice you to upgrade your computer for this program needs a good computer) [Editor: the software was submitted with Win 98 compatibility]
Good try. 1 stars by ZenWarrior Nov 07, 2005 (Read all my 13 reviews)
I did not find Responding Heads easy to use--at least when it came to deleting/fixing entry mistakes. In fact, I never figured out how to remedy a mistake in some cases. (That's when I uninstalled it.) It does not help that the documentation is exceptionally sparse and explains very little. Version 1 was a great try at something I do believe I'd really like, but this particular diamond is *very* rough. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Nov 07, 2005: Okey.. that seems fare.. or is it? the I dont know if you have downloaded the latest version but you might notice a huge change in the program but even the first one worked great for most users just see the comments below. Too bad you didnt figure out how to change an entry... its the big button that says change.
Very nice; some rough edges left, though 4 stars by chessa Nov 06, 2005
I've had lots of fun with this software! Just a couple of details: 1) the setup program installed the application files directly to the Start Menu, not to the Program Files folder; you must manually move them and then create a startup shortcut. 2) The user manual is too short; somethings I just had to guess. E.g., I'd suggest a more comprehensive list of key code equivalents (it was trial-and-error until I finally guessed the "{PgUp}" and "{PgDn}" codes for scrolling). 3) Sometimes, when using "Edit brain" to add an action command, the "+Add" button is unavailable, without explanation. 4) I wish there was a way to transfer the new commands you've created to another PC, instead of doing it manually. All in all, I've enjoyed using Responsive Heads and look forward to future improvements. (BTW, a mailing list, RSS feed and/or "Check for update" program option would be appreciated.) [Editor: The installer has been updated by the author and now provides proper install and uninstall as well as documentation] show Review details
Fast and easy 4 stars by janmin Nov 04, 2005
Easy to install and easy to use. Option should be stored in an INI file so you can modify it yourself. show Review details
The software developer responded to this review on Nov 04, 2005: Thnak you for your comment. what option? we are glad to help.
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