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Now I realize how much I need this... 4 stars by pepoluan Mar 17, 2008 (Read all my 23 reviews)
It's not unusual to find 2-3 USB sticks plugged into my PC. Usually I have to hunt around on Windows Explorer trying to find out which drive letter gets assigned to which USB stick. With this, I can just click on the right brand and voila! the USB stick is unmounted. show Review details
Very nice 5 stars by AungDin Jan 25, 2008 (Read all my 22 reviews)
I have had difficulty getting the "safe to remove" message when I want to disconnect an external hard drive. I was getting one of those messages saying I should check back later. Really? I need instant gratification :-) and this program delivers. It identifies whatever is holding my stuff hostage, then gives me the option to shut it down. I registered my copy after only one hour of testing and reading. show Review details
Great for mp3 devices ! 4 stars by resecro Jan 07, 2008 (Read all my 4 reviews)
I've been looking for this for some time now. I have a Zune player that does not register in the system tray when plugged into the computer. This is a great way to get multiple usb devices in and out. Awesome program ! show Review details
Great program 5 stars by beltman713 Dec 01, 2007 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Well worth the money. I looked all over for a program like this. I had several pieces of USB hardware that simply would not show up in the safely remove menu. This program fixes that. It also gives you the option of making some hardware, like a USB keyboard or mouse, not appear so that you don't accidentally turn them off. You can even rename the devices so that you can more easily identify them in the menu. I would highly recommend this program to others. show Review details
Great product 5 stars by hopamp Nov 28, 2007
I wanted a program to ease my life when pluging my USB devices, this make it all, unpluging your device has never been easier. show Review details
Excellent - fixed my usb problems 5 stars by asteri Oct 04, 2007
I had endless problems with my WiFi adaptor using the safely remove feature provided with Windows, I ended up having to perform a System Restore to get it to reinstall properly. This excellent little program has fixed the problems completely - 10 out of 10! show Review details
Superb program, none like it 5 stars by alcuin Sep 29, 2007
This is a great program. Many times I have been unable to remove a USB device, and forced to do a reboot to get some unknown program to release the device. Now it tells me exactly what programs are still using my drive, and even gives me an option to close them! It simply cannot get any better! show Review details
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