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Agreed that is a great screen capture app 4 stars by pcs800 Apr 03, 2007 (Read all my 222 reviews)
But it only has one or two things that some of the free ones don't. Like MWSnap, which is fine for me. I do like this one, but not for the money they are asking. I mean, I could simply use print screen or Atl+Shift+Print screen for a window capture, and it's free. show Review details
Bad shadow implementation 4 stars by TwoEars Feb 02, 2007 (Read all my 26 reviews)
This is a good app but the shadow feature is not correctly implemented : the shadow is flatened on a white (or colored) background), which should not be the case. this kind of flatening is necessary for files format lacking alpha channel, but when the output is a png file, the shadow option should not add a white (or colored) background, but instead produce a true shadow with alpha mask. show Review details
Excellent screen cap tool 5 stars by John_G Jan 16, 2007
This is easy to use, and has all the basic functionality I expect from a screen capture tool. Although I had to spend a little time configuring it to take successive user defined shots and auto-save them, the help files were easy to follow and made this painless. Very good indeed. show Review details
Great screen capture program 5 stars by RickyF Nov 14, 2006 (Read all my 11 reviews)
Easy to install, easy to use. Does exactly what it says it does. Try it you are bound to like it. show Review details
Very easy to use! 5 stars by joe254 Sep 16, 2006 (Read all my 6 reviews)
Great program and REALLY easy to use. Click, click and you are done. I have tried many screen capture programs and had to re-learn how to use each time since I use them infrequently. WinSnap has no learning curve. show Review details
Recommended 5 stars by sw2001 Jul 25, 2006
Very good free Software, easy to use and no learning phase necessary. show Review details
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