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Folder Options X Folder Options X

Awesome 5 stars
I dislike, to an extreme, the default windows Vista, 7, 8, full row select. What a work flow disrupting concept that is... This software gets rid of it, which it shouldn't have to do, MS shouldn't have put it in to begin with. Price: Free
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YTubePlayer YTubePlayer

It's good but not a replacement 2 stars
It's a neat toy, that's about it. I don't see why I would use this instead of just going to Youtube. It saves playlists, but so does youtube, it allows you to share to friends within it's own network, not FB or other popular social media sites. There's nowhere to grab the video url, you cannot delete more than one video at a time from the playlist. There's no search for adding friends even if you knew someone who was using this software. Like I said, it's a toy. Price: Free
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ServersCheck Monitoring Software ServersCheck Monitoring Software

Absolutely unbeatable 5 stars
This software is not only comprehensive but easy to use at the same time. It's great for large businesses and corporations but at the same time is excellent for small business and home networks because you get 20 free monitors without having to buy the software! Been using it for years and will no doubt continue. Price: Free
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Startup Delayer Startup Delayer

Perfect for servers 5 stars
I have been using this on servers for years, it really smooths things out when you have a bunch of very CPU intensive apps or services starting at once. Some fail to start from lack of resource, but delay their startup a couple minutes and they are fine. Price: Free
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Edraw Mind Map Edraw Mind Map

Excellent software 5 stars
I've tried mind map software in the past and didn't quite know what to do with it. This one gave some templates that immediately answered a few of my questions as to why would I use this, and what's a mind map. Interface is very modern and gives an MS Office feel. Price: Free
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PicPick PicPick

Best of the best 5 stars
This program has everything you could possibly need for a screen capture app. What sold me was the awesome FTP function and excellent editor. I use this every day to post images of how-to's on my web site. It also comes with a host of other cool tools like a magnifier, pixel ruler, protractor and the coolest white board you'll ever use! Price: Free
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GeeMail GeeMail

I don't get it 1 stars
What's the point of this? It has only basic gmail functionality and the big selling point seems to be "Access your gmail without opening your browser", like opening my browser is some huge task? My browser is open 24/7 anyway. Price: Free
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Text Lightning Text Lightning

Couldnt ask for more 5 stars
For free and even if not, this is an awesome Outlook add-on! If you have the need for quick text replies, moving emails to other folders with a single click, copy email address of focused email, and much more, you have got to give this a try. Price: Free
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7stacks 7stacks

Very nice addition 5 stars
I tend to use extra launchers, shortcut apps, etc. This one rates high with me because it doesn't run in the system tray, it simply runs in the background only when one of it's created menus are open. Close the menu, the app closes too. Great idea and I'll probably use it for some time to come. Price: Free
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Poladroid Poladroid

Very unique software 5 stars
I have used other Polaroid simulation software, but this one has the coolest interface I have ran across in quite some time. It even makes you wait for a minute while the image "develops" in front of your eyes. The result is distinctly different from the source image, very nice job in recreating the Polaroid feel. Price: Free
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DNS Benchmark DNS Benchmark

Nice little tool 4 stars
One of those tools you don't realize you need until you see it. It showed me that the dns server I had been statically putting in all my PCs was quite a bit slower than others I could have been using. For free, there's nothing to complain about with this app. Price: Free
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Envelope Printer Lite Envelope Printer Lite

Not enough bang for the buck 3 stars
This is a nice little application, key word "Little". It does one thing, prints envelopes. It's not worth $20, this should be a $7.99 purchase. The price was the reason I didn't buy it after trying it. Price: Free
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MJPEG Surveillance MJPEG Surveillance

Cannot get it to work with my cameras 3 stars
I have 3 cameras of two types, I have them all password protected and this program doesn't have an option to enter credentials, it seems to want a wide open camera which kind of defeats the purpose of security right? Other than that it seems to be a pretty nice app. Price: Free
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Classic Shell Classic Shell

Excellent 5 stars
When windows 7 came out I was beside myself at the fact that MS omitted the classic menu style. The way I arrange my menu simply cannot be accommodated with the overly compact new style. Being unable to get classic buttons like delete, etc. Onto the explorer toolbar was annoying too. This program took care of everything. If you've got vista or 7, you need this. Price: Free
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ShowMyPC (Free Version) ShowMyPC (Free Version)

Been using it for a long time 5 stars
I work in an IT situation where we access over 300 pc's over our network via VNC every day, but with other VNC apps, you have to configure firewalls, etc. So at home, when (for example) my sisters kid virus's up her pc, I just have her start ShowMyPC, read me the password it gives and I'm in, no firewall config/port forwarding. I have not noticed any slow speeds with this app and have used it with hundreds of remote pc's. For free, you can't beat this one. Price: Free
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7plus 7plus

Pretty cool app 4 stars
I really like a lot of the functions it ads but I don't like that it has to run in the system tray in order to work. I was also unable to get a couple of the functions to work on my XP Pro machine. Price: Free
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uPrompt Free uPrompt Free

Very nice for what it is 5 stars
It's like you guys are reading my mind (or my browsing habits;-) I am starting a project where I need to record my screen and an external cam simultaneously and I keep messing up the narration. This little app works great for what I am doing. Price: Free
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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free

A must for todays baddies 5 stars
There are a couple of malware infections running around pretending to be anti virus these days, this app is the only one I have been able to remove the rogues with. I use it all the time on customers PCs for cleaning and purchased it for real time protection along with Avast for my wife`s pc (she's not as savvy as I am :-) Price: Free
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Lightshot Lightshot

It's ok, there are better apps for this 2 stars
This app is extremely lacking for options, you just take the screen shot and upload. There is no option to set your own ftp server, which I use in another application. I suppose if you want dirt simple, then go with this one. Price: Free
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Paper Valet Paper Valet

Looks great to me 5 stars
I have been trying to talk my wife into digitizing our bills and invoices for a long time, it would open up some space where file cabinets currently sit. This software does exactly what i was trying to explain to her. Although it will take quite a while to scan them all with a home flatbed scanner, when I am done it will have been worth the $25 Price: Free Trial ($24.95)
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EaseUS Todo Backup Free EaseUS Todo Backup Free

Very nice but missing features 4 stars
I must disagree with the previous reviewer in that this is nowhere near as good as Acronis, but for free it is a great option. Features it is badly missing are scheduled backups, differential and incremental backups which saves huge amounts of space and certainly time when scheduling backup tasks. Paragon also recently came out with a free version which does the same thing this does. Great for home users who can click the backup button every so often, but for business (this products web site says it's for home and small business) this is no good without scheduling. Price: Free
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Classic Start Menu Classic Start Menu

Not great but better than 7 4 stars
It's better than the 7 menu if you hate that new style like I do. But this app is lathargic and cannot seem to keep it's settings straight as far as how I set it to sort the menu items. It also has a major flaw where the tray icon has a hide tray icon selection, but there's no way to get it back unless you manually edit the registry. Still, better than dealing with the new vista/7 menu system. Price: Free Trial ($19.99)
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WebDwarf WebDwarf

For free? Yeah you should grab it. 4 stars
Granted it's crippled compared to the big boys but if you just need something to create a page at a time and you don't mind that the pages all have the html file extension, then this is for you. It couldn't be easier to use. Add images or whatever from any folder on your computer, when you publish to another folder, it makes copies. There are also ftp and other publishing options. The only thing I don't like is that there are no functions for changing the file extension of the rendered pages, and there is no way to edit/add meta tags like keywords and description. Price: Free
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PortraitPro PortraitPro

Cutting edge enhancements 5 stars
This software is awesome, with tons of controls and options yet still very easy to use. I would go buy it if it were priced a little lower. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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WebcamMax WebcamMax

Everything's great, except... 4 stars
I tried this out and it was tons of fun and worked great, went to buy it and saw the whole subscription thing and changed my mind. I don't rent software. If I buy it, it needs to be mine. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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OpenOffice OpenOffice

Awesome product 5 stars
Reading through the reviews here I am surprised to find anything but 5 star ratings. This office suite is worlds above any other freebie and just hairs behind MS office in only certain aspects. is a great product that people would do well to adopt as their go to office suite. Opens and saves MS file types too. Price: Free
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DVDVideoSoft Free Studio DVDVideoSoft Free Studio

Nice 4 stars
Been using these tools for a while now whenever I come across a small job I need to do like download a youtube vid or extract an mp3, etc. Not the most comprehensive tools on the market but definitely worth having for freebies. Price: Free Trial ($39.00)
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DownTester DownTester

Missing something 3 stars
It works fine and is easy to set up, but does not test upload speeds, which is very important to certain people, especially servers or gamers who want to know where they stand for online gaming. Price: Free
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Explore and Burn Explore and Burn

Very nice, convenient burner 5 stars
Downloaded, installed on 64 bit Vista, no reboot, right clicked a folder and burned it to a DVD. Excellent. Price: Free Trial ($14.95)
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Orca Browser Orca Browser

Perfect clone of Avant 5 stars
I have used Avant exclusively on many pc's for years, it is hands down the best browser I have ever used. Now for you rebellious anti-MS troublemakers out there, there is a Firefox version, same great browser without the MS to annoy the kids. Price: Free
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Efficient To-Do List Free Efficient To-Do List Free

Very nice 5 stars
Wow I cannot believe you guys (snapfiles) gave this a "fair" rating, I usually agree with your ratings. I was looking for a product for a to-do list and tried this, it is almost identical to outlooks tasks accept for a few features, works great and it's free. The developer tells me a LAN version is coming in September, I will probably buy that one. Price: Free
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FeedDemon FeedDemon

Best of the best 5 stars
When I first got into RSS readers, I tried many of the freebies here at snapfiles. I ended up using Greatnews for years but it seemed to get buggier as time went on and the dev team have not put out a new version in an extremely long time. So I went to this one and wow what a difference! Feed Demon has a lot of non-techie user options and features. There are a couple things I would add to it if I were the developer so i emailed them and got nice responses. Great program with good support and current releases = Great choice. Price: Free
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InfraRecorder InfraRecorder

Very cool 5 stars
I know there are other freebie burning apps out there and I probably have three quarters of them installed already, but i am a junkie so I downloaded this one anyway. Not only does it work just fine, but has quite a few options such as data disk, audio, video, ISO support and copy disk support. And the number one cool thing about this software smokes when you burn a cd! Cool! Price: Free
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CD Label Designer CD Label Designer

Behind the times 3 stars
I have had a Neato labeler app for several years that is just about the same thing as this one, I would think newer is better rather than a different face for the same functions. No lightscribe support and the list of label types is extremely limited. I am sticking with ... which has hundreds of label types and supports lightscribe, oh and currently supplies a total of over 5000 images. Price: Free Trial ($19.95)
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virtualStudio virtualStudio

Not for Vista 64-bit 3 stars
I have Vista 64 bit (I know, I am sorry too). This app crashed when i tried opening a photo the first time. The second time it was fine, but then crashed again while editing the photo. Seems like a nice looking and feeling app and probably does fine on 32 bit OS's. One thing I was unable to find is a way to resize a selection area after dragging it out, which is crippling for a photo editing app IMO. Price: Free
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Everything Everything

Definitely light and fast 4 stars
I have always liked the "idea" of a desktop search tool but tried bunches of them and hated every one. Either they are very bloated and weigh down my system heavily, or they are extremely complicated or take forever to index, or SOMETHING I don't like. This one is different, it is extremely fast, extremely light weight and takes only seconds (seemingly) to index your drives. I am not quite understanding why it comes with an ftp and http server, but why not I suppose. Price: Free
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FlashBack Express FlashBack Express

Top notch 5 stars
This program is awesome, and free! I am sure I will be looking at the paid version due to the probability that it is even better than this one. This program holds it's own against the big boys like Demo Builder, Camtasia, etc. Price: Free
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JRiver Media Center JRiver Media Center

Extremely impressive 5 stars
I had used the free version of this for some time and was very impressed, it is not crippled at all. Then I found this version which is so comprehensive, so complete, it is almost unheard of. Though I use it quite often, I am constantly finding new functions that make the product worth well beyond what I payed for it. Price: Free Trial ($59.98)
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Personal Folders Backup Personal Folders Backup

Perfect 5 stars
I don't know what the other guy is talking about, we use it for a local Government, several buildings and hundreds of pc's, it works perfect and we have recovered many PST files because of it. Price: Free
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Your Uninstaller! Your Uninstaller!

Awesome tool 5 stars
I have always used an alternative uninstall tool, mainly because I want to be able to sort by installation date. This one goes much further than my old faithful by seeking out and removing registry entries and orphaned files left behind from the uninstallations. I could do without the cookie/temp file cleaner though, too typical and there are tons of those tools available. Price: Free Trial ($39.99)
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Jet Screenshot Jet Screenshot

Great for what i need 4 stars
Although this is certainly not the best or most feature packed screen shot software I have, it is great for when i am doing tech support and need to take shots and upload quickly. The url to the image is automatically copied to the clipboard for pasting into an IM or email. Very cool. Price: Free
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Virtual Font Folder Virtual Font Folder

Good idea but..... 2 stars
This is a good idea, but the problem I have with it is that they require you to buy multiple licenses if you want to sync multiple pc's on a network. I have about 10 computers on my home network, i am certainly not going to spend $150 for something that I can do with windows file sync or something free like Syncback. Price: Free Trial ($15.00)
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The software developer responded to this review on Dec 18, 2008: Thanks for the comments. Synchback and other file tools will certainly synch font files. But they will not install the fonts and make them available for use in other applications. If you need multiple licenses, please contact me at helpdesk at loseyourmind dot com for discounted pricing.

FTPEditor FTPEditor

Nothing special for the price 2 stars
Not only can you use PSPad to do the job of this and it is free, but I downloaded this anyway to check it out, and could not get it to connect to my server. Even though i had passive unchecked, it still timed out and said passive mode failed. $50 and it is buggy? Hmm, no thanks. Price: Free Trial ($49.00)
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Easy Button and Menu Maker Easy Button and Menu Maker

Love this one 5 stars
I have many menu makers, button apps, etc. This one make the whole process very easy and the results are extremely professional looking. My hope here is that the developer continues adding features, templates, button styles, etc. Price: Free Trial ($29.85)
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PSPad Editor PSPad Editor

As if it needs more praise 5 stars
Obviously this app has something everyone likes, me included. I love the integrated ftp client for editing right on my servers. Options galore, context menu integration, tons of languages supported, notepad replacement, the list goes on. Price: Free
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Screamer Radio Screamer Radio

Excellent little app 5 stars
I have 3 or 4 other apps in this category, even a couple I paid for. This one is no less in quality than they are and it is smaller, so I say it is a pretty great little app with lots of functionality. Price: Free
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SMTP Mail Sender SMTP Mail Sender

Works just fine 5 stars
I did not see any reason that snapfiles gave this a rating of "fair". It works exactly as it is supposed to. Remembers your SMTP settings and is quick and lightweight. Price: Free
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Pazera Free Audio Extractor Pazera Free Audio Extractor

Couldn't be better 5 stars
This is right up there with quickmediaconvert, can't beat it for free. Price: Free
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NetWorx NetWorx

Very nice 4 stars
The only problem I found is that it crashed explorer when I first ran it. Run it again and all is fine. I like the network speed gauge it has, great for testing my GB NICs and switches. Price: Free Trial ($49.00)
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RarmaRadio RarmaRadio

Great stream recorder 5 stars
Other than the fact that Snapfiles spelled the name wrong, this app is awesome as far as streaming radio recorders go. Comes with tons of presets and all kinds of options. [Editor: The name is spelled correctly, it has been changed by the author and the previous name was very similar (RaimaRadio).] Price: Free Trial ($29.00)
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