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A free fully loaded pc utility application 4 stars by marksydon Apr 12, 2008 (Read all my 2 reviews)
Its a wonderful program that keeps my pc into shape. the only downside i see is that it doesnt have good enough updates, unless the creator doesnt see any need for updates. but considering the last time i got updates for this was way back in the early part of xp SP1. thats a long time ago. but overall it doesnt seem to harm my pc and has helped clean up a few bugs. show Review details
Not bad 3 stars by darkocean Mar 30, 2008 (Read all my 36 reviews)
Works all right but loves to lock up your computer. I uninstalled this. show Review details
Excellent 5 stars by asim_hamid Aug 07, 2007
It is excellent.i dont agree on editor,s point that it only works with IE. ITs version also works with firefox and opera.i have used it with both its fantastic. THANKS TONI show Review details
Easy-peasy, clean-easy! :-) 5 stars by Dragon10 Nov 10, 2006 (Read all my 43 reviews)
I have 'Easy Cleaner' v. installed and quickly became confident in the use of this extremely 'User-Friendly', program for cleaning/editing the registry on my PC. This is a well-designed and competently executed program. I think the ease with which this program can be used, even for the novice, conceals its true complexity. There is a very useful 'Help Guide' included. The 'Undo' feature and 'Back-Up' utility reinforces the confidence with which this program can be used. In my limited experience, this program also includes the unusual feature of identifying Disk usage which is useful in identifying exactly how the space on the hard-drive is allocated. I am extremely grateful to the developer for committing their time and effort to developing such an excellent and high quality program as 'Freeware', although voluntary donations can be made, and why not? when they are well-deserved. Thank you Toni's Arts. show Review details
Highest recommendation 5 stars by Moth9999 Sep 28, 2006
I've relied on Easy Cleaner to keep my registry clean for years. It's fast, ultra-simple to use, and backs up/can undo what it does, but that has never once been required. It keeps my pc running clean and is consistently safe and reliable to use in my vulnerable registry. Thank-you Easy Cleaner! show Review details
Great overall program. 4 stars by Lam109 Sep 22, 2006
Been using it for three years ,have not had one problem. Recommended it to all my friends and family. Does what it says. show Review details
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