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Dont Sleep Dont Sleep

Does what it says and then leaves you alone. 5 stars
It's very nice, does what it says and doesn't annoy you. Price: Free
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SUPERAntiSpyware Free SUPERAntiSpyware Free

Vastly improved! 5 stars
The last time I tried this was in 2006 (now 2018) this program has become super fast to download, the scans don't take too long, and it has found lots of malwhere on my pc that other scanners missed! I'm really impressed with it now, I also have this on my bf lap to and this program found over 800 malwhere with that first scan, there was an instant improment with lag reduction and the laptop became much faster. I hope the programmer continues doing what they are doing as this has gotten so much better. Price: Free
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Ad-Aware Free Antivirus Ad-Aware Free Antivirus

It does nothing but be annoying! 1 stars
It is easy enough to use and such, but never catches any viruses, not one. It gives a nice boost to my computer so that I liked, however, the constant popup ads telling me about updates and wanting me to upgrade were god damn annoying. The whole reason I got rid of AVG was because even with upgrading to AVG pro the pop-ups notifications from the program were distracting, I don't appreciate having my concentration broken especially when I'm writing. Price: Free
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yWriter yWriter

Badly made 1 stars
It's one of those programs only the maker has any clue on how to use. I can't figure out where the actual typing area to start a chapter is at. That's just me though, if I can't figure out a program right away I ditch it. Well, not always but if I have tried every menu option and still can't find the simplest of things (the whole point of installing the program is to write in it.) then the hell with it. And, the search continues. I give this an epic fail, should be K.I.S.S. Price: Free
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RogueKiller RogueKiller

It does what it says it does. 3 stars
It found 9 rogues in my computer however, when I tried to select one to read it's full file path it make it impossible to go back to the list, as there isn't any back button. Doh! The scan took almost two hours, I'm NOT going through that again! forget it I'll find another way to find them and get my comp cleaned out. Price: Free
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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Not recommended you can do better. 1 stars
1. It won't allow you the simple thing of updating the program without paying for it. 2. It's scan took over thirty minutes, and when it was done didn't find anything; that's a good thing as at least it didn't give me false positives. 3. This reminds me too much of AVG. I hate AVG now what with all it's upgrade nags, heavy load on the memory and slowing everything way down. 4. On the plus side after running the uninstaller I looked in regedit and got rid of the "left overs". It only a few compared to the HELL of trying to get AVG out, So at least it's an easy remove. 5. I like it when an Anti Virus is completely free from the get-go, if it proves it self over a month I keep it that's how it was with AVG until they got money hungry. So ya, I advise staying away from this program as it looks like it's going down that road now too. In the past I don't remember it not letting users update, this isn't a good sign. 6. I suspect the highly positive reviews to be bought ones or sock puppet accounts. BEWARE. Price: Free Trial ($49.95)
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Gimp Gimp

Keep trying, because this rocks! 5 stars
The last time I reviewed this was in 2006. Now that I'm a little more advanced in my graphic art, and photo edits I've out grown MS 'pain' and Photofiltre. I just didn't want to learn a new program was all. Update: This isn't that hard to use after all. Instead of trying to use the (weird) erase tool to clean up images use the fuzzy select toon and for totally clean up the rectangle select tool then right click > edit > cut to clean off say pixilated junk. I frekn' HATE MS paint in windows 8 now. I save a nice clean image that I just made come back to it later to find that the quality has been reduced, and it's pixilated) The ordinal MS paint never did that, and would save images as a bmp image nice and clean. Not any more. I have yet to figure out how to get this program to save my files as a bmp image. I'll come back later with a new review when I do. Also, I was excited to find that it has a smudge tool. Price: Free
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AbiWord AbiWord

Fantastic 5 stars
My version of windows 8 came with a MS word but I have to register/pay or some annoying thing. This program is fantastic. It had a small problem for a moment, where it shrunk my text super tiny. This can be reset on the menu bar, look for 'page width' and reset to 200 or what ever size you like. This program has lots of useful features. The spell checker, for now seams useless. But it might be one of those kind where you have to teach it what words are good. And needs to generate a data base of correctly spelled words so, don't assume that it's crappy. It might get to be very good spell checker, later on. Anything is better then the Firefox one. Anyways the other things I like about it is the templates, those look useful if you have a website, or especially a blog. You can insert special Ascii charterers into it, can insert headers, footers, breaks, tables, text boxes, insert pictures, add page numbers, paragraphs, bullets/numbered lists, all text formatting, change language, check word count, search in Google and ad add in many more plug ins. Why is this free? Not that I'm complaining mind you! This perfect of you are an author or a webmaster. Mind you the html inserts it provides are very simple. Other then that this is just what I was looking for. Price: Free
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Easy Image Modifier Easy Image Modifier

Not what I wanted 4 stars
It took me two tries to get this to work on an image. This is with out reading the instructions. (lol) So I'd say easy to use. I love all the features, except the sad end result of a pixelated large image. If I want to do that I can resize it in paint. : Well onward with my search. Also looking for a animation program that is compatible with windows 8 Would prefer freeware, but it no longer has to be freeware. Personalty I'd recommend simply because it lets you change the file name and original date, and works on windows 8, very nice! Price: Free
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IrfanView IrfanView

Perfect! 5 stars
Oh this is NICE! I did find a very useful program to easily convert all my image files to another image format. It's a snap to use I consider this very user friendly. However watch out as it will try and set Google chrome as your home page and try and get you to download the Google toolbar, very annoying. To stop this check off the "set home page" option first, then the the toolbar one. And download the program. I really appreciate this program. If you've ever tried using those annoying image converters online that have a file size limit and or a file type limit you know what a hassle it is just convert one blasted picture. It'll speed up your work dramatically. Click on batch convert have the program open up the folder where your images are and drag the images into the white box. Choose what file type you want them all to be, click browse for where you want them to go and click start batch, and your done, easy. Found a gem in my search so keeping this one! If you make images do not pass this up its very handy. Update: the blue is so fine that it acts like a smooth it will not over blur your image like other editors i have found . Thank you for replying to my email Irfan! :) Price: Free
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Image Eye Image Eye

Nice but not quite 4 stars
Looking for a replacement to the program qv 2.6.0 it's a image viewer converter editor. It lets you view images of almost any file type and has the best "smooth" image of a filter Ive ever found. Its perfect for those that make their own bmp, gifs, & pings. Then you can convert them to gifs, or jpgs if you like in the program and sooth them to make them look nice. Second program I've tried out , is a very nice image viewer has some nice options and sort of can "smooth" the images but not the quality I'm looking for with that filter. The image viewer it self is very cool and puts the image on your desktop in its program but seamlessly very nice. :) So if your looking for an image viewer this is a good one. I however need more being a graphic artist ) Price: Free
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So far so good 5 stars
It's easy to setup easy to use, now to see if it works on grabbing spam. Looks promising. Price: Free
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PhotoFiltre PhotoFiltre

Wonderful! 5 stars
You love this program, easily convert to any format, nice smoothing options, lots and lots of fun filter options (ones you'll actually want to use!) I've been using this for years. Two thumbs up! Price: Free
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TypeFaster TypeFaster

Great! 5 stars
Just what I need My typing has gotten so bad I have to look at the keyboard and I make may typos. To bad typing hurts my fingers. OW! I must be getting old.. Price: Free
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WinCleaner Memory Optimizer WinCleaner Memory Optimizer

Woh! 5 stars
ZOOOm! Everything is loading faster and I can multi task again. Love this program! Price: Free
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EasyCleaner EasyCleaner

Not bad 3 stars
Works all right but loves to lock up your computer. I uninstalled this. Price: Free
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Spybot  Search and Destroy (Free) Spybot Search and Destroy (Free)

Very good! 5 stars
Get this you need it bad. Catches almost everything. However on older computers it will slow things down to a crawl. So not a good idea to browse the net or play computer games while this is running. (If you have an old comp) Price: Free
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MyDefrag MyDefrag

Great! 5 stars
Wow is this ever easy to use! You just download it, extract click the first exe file and BOOM it defrags. :D 2 thumbs up! I got this program because A techie put in Defrag pro for me, but I had to take it out sucked up to much ram. *sigh* Price: Free
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PeerBlock PeerBlock

So far so good! 5 stars
Well now, =) what a nice light program (not a ram hog) working well not driving me nuts with pop-ups asking me to do things. As for protecting my computer we`ll see. but I bet it does a good job. I`ll write a review on that later. Price: Free
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HijackThis HijackThis

Very simple 5 stars
Is very simple to use don't be put off by that "for advanced users" bit. let it scan your comp, and make a log file. Take the log file to pust your logfile and ask for help. Then you can't mess anything up ta da. Price: Free
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JR Screen Ruler JR Screen Ruler

Perfect! 5 stars
It's real easy to use. Very light weight, doesn't take up much memory at all. No glitches so far, does exactly what it want it to do. Using a real user was making scratches on my screen (measuring quarter inch seam lines) so this much better. Price: Free
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Web Picture Creator Web Picture Creator

Waaaay too confusing 3 stars
Jennifer's right this waaaay to confusing I can't figure out how to pet my pictures in it in the first place. Did make me go WOH!! when I saw all the options though so that gets a big star, and it's free, so that gets another star, and also an uninstaller! Thanks for adding that. How about making another one but dumb it down a but eh? Price: Free
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Easy Thumbnails Easy Thumbnails

Easy is right! 5 stars
Just what I was looking for have over 200 jpg pictures. And allot are big take a while to load in my website. I tried making them into thumb's in paint, but big loss in quality and really time consuming too. CPU usage really depends on the size of the picture about 15 to 32% Doesn't hog up the CPU, doesn't freeze up or cause crashes. Lovely little program. My only complaint is when I try to make a them with the mouse it keeps asking me to enable the update feature O.o Price: Free
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Pop This! Pop This!

Very good! 5 stars
Pair this pop-up blocker with Microsoft's blocker and Hitware Popup Killer light and you'll have excellent protection. (Yes protection pup up are full of bad active x programs filled with spyware/adware!) Price: Free
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Great! 5 stars
I've used this program for years now, it's so simple. open the program, set the framing delay to about 50-70. (less = faster, and annoying to people) then go to were your pictures are and simply drag and drop your pictures into it, hit "make animated gif" Your going to love this little program :D and it free! Price: Free
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CCleaner CCleaner

Is easy to use. 5 stars
Cleans out allot of things like Temporary internet files, cookies, history, recent documents, Run (in start menu), Empties your Recycle bin, Temporary files and lots more. Also scans for issues and fixes them. Advise fixing the issues one by one as sometimes it'll skip over one or two. Also don't advise saving the issues to registry to often (every month or so) as things may not work as well as before, errors and such. All this for free no more doing this by hand this a time saver. Price: Free
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SpywareBlaster SpywareBlaster

This is not a spyware checker 5 stars
This does exactly as it says it prevents. It stops problem before they start not after. Try having this program in for a week and then taking it out and see what fun you have browsing the internet! Just because a program isn't in your face or requires you to click a scan (this is not a scanner try reading the description.) Doesn't mean it isn't working. As for uploading an updated reference file thats done when you update it duh!(oh gosh I have to update it manually oh woe. *rolls eyes*) Price: Free
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eXpress PageRank Revealer eXpress PageRank Revealer

Nice! 4 stars
Well this was easy to use, super fast to download, free (ya!!), and I dont have to download the google page rank which infringes upon my privacy. Thanks for making this! Price: Free
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